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A live casino is an online casino that is operated with the help of a live dealer and streamed in real time from a land-based studio/casino. Here the wheel is spun or the cards are dealt by a live person instead of a random number generator as is the case in the other online casino games. Such live games are gaining wide popularity owing to the fact that it makes the gameplay much more entertaining and interactive. The casino games played in the presence of an authentic and attractive dealer makes it exactly the same like a real gaming experience in an offline casino. The only difference being that you can play on a live online casino in the comfort of your home. With these live games, you do not miss on the social part of the gambling experience because you can easily indulge in a normal and engaging conversation with the dealer and the other players.


Play Live Roulette in the Live Casino

Besides Baccarat, Blackjack, and many of the Poker variants, you can play everyone’s favourite game of Roulette in a Live casino. There are several versions of roulette that are available in the live form. Two of the examples are Live dealer Roulette and Live Automatic Roulette, apart from the others such as Club Roulette etc. In Live dealer Roulette, the game is played in the presence of a friendly live dealer that makes the gaming experience very interactive. Then we have the Live automatic Roulette, the Roulette wheel is spun automatically by the system i.e. there is no live dealer that can be seen onscreen but her voice can be heard throughout the game.

In Live dealer Roulette, the game is played in the presence of a friendly live dealer that makes the gaming experience very interactive. Then we have Live Automatic Roulette, the roulette wheel is spun automatically by the system i.e. there is no live dealer that can be seen onscreen but her voice can be heard throughout the game.

These roulette games are great for those players who do not have a nearby access to a real casino. Hence they can have quick access to their favourite game without spending a huge amount on travel tickets etc, and at the same time save a lot of time in dressing up.

Live Blackjack – A must play for all Blackjack lovers

The ultimate classic table game of Blackjack can also be played live. This takes away the monotony of a regular online Blackjack card game played without any dealer. Thus live Blackjack is an interesting addition to the live game suite. The best thing is that the selection of live variant of this game is not restricted to a single option. You can choose from a variety of options namely Live Blackjack Standard, BJ common draw low and high roller games, Live Blackjack 2 etc. The instructions are announced in a very clear and crisp voice by the dealer and thus the experience is no less than an authentic casino experience.

So there is not only live Roulette and live Blackjack variants that are available at a casino but Baccarat and a host of live Poker games too. Some of these are Casino Hold’em, Live Caribbean Poker, Live Three Card Poker and Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Talk with the Live Dealer and the others players

There is nothing like playing the game while watching a very live dealer spin the wheel in live roulette or deal the cards in the live blackjack. You have the option to choose your own dealer from the ones listed. These are beautiful and professional people who make your game all the more fun. Moreover, if you want to interact with them in general or clarify about rules or strategy of the game, they are always available to listen and help you out. Furthermore, you have the option to talk to other players while you are waiting for another hand to be dealt. Thus these casino games do not leave out the social aspect of gambling.

Feeling of fairness and trust

There is another added advantage when one choose to play live games instead of regular online games. You feel much more trust and fairness while playing these games. It is so because it is human nature to place a greater trust on the actual persons as compared to the RNG casino software. Therefore, you do not feel like cheated at any point while playing live games which certainly enhances the overall quality of the kind of experience you derive out of it. One is bound to feel much more satisfied and happy playing casino games which they consider much more reliable.

Mobile casinos and the live experience

With the mobile casinos in place, you can not only play the slot machine games online from your mobile phone but also the live casino games. Thus the live video from a live dealer casino game can be accessed almost everywhere and anywhere. All you need is a smartphone with a working internet connection. These casino games are so well developed that these run even when you have an average internet connection.  Moreover, you get the option to visit several casino rooms and choose the one that appeals you the most.

Is a live casino game something that you will enjoy?

If you are someone who is bored of playing the similar slot machine games again and again. Or if you are someone who likes to socially interact while playing games, or, a lover of table games in general, you should look for nowhere else. The range of live games may not be as vast as the slots but they are enough to let you play a different live game every weekend evening for months.

Be the live Roulette or live Blackjack, the live dealer or the choice of a casino room, there is a host of options available at all times to the players. Thus the player gets a fully customised experience while choosing to play casino games of every kind. All the more, with the option to interact with real people, you do not practically miss on everything as far as a wholesome experience is concerned.

Live casino benefits at a glance

  • Choose your own live dealer who will accompany you throughout the game
  • Explore the profiles of several beautiful people to choose the best companion.
  • Indulge in interactive and engaging conversations with real people.
  • You can talk about general everyday matters and have someone patient to listen to you throughout. Moreover, know about the players whom you are playing with by choosing to talk to them.
  • Live assistance to resolve any doubts regarding rules of the game or strategy. The dealers are very approachable and won’t leave any stone unturned to resolve all your doubts and queries.
  • Available right at the touch of the screen of your smartphone.
  • Day or night, hot or cold, holiday or a weekday, access these games from just about anywhere.
  • All kinds of table games can be played.
  • Not limited to a selection of Roulette and Blackjack. You can play Baccarat and Video Poker as well.
  • Many of Roulette, Blackjack and Poker games to choose from
  • Many variants of these games available to explore and try your hands at.
  • A number of casino rooms to choose from
  • Do not like the players in a particular room, choose the room where you can enjoy the most.
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