A Quick Look at the Payforit Deposit Method

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A quick look at the Payforit deposit method

There’s no doubt that we live in a mobile-driven age, and use mobile devices not only for keeping in touch with family and friends, but to buy goods and services online. Using our mobiles is convenient and fast, and that is something we all want as it seems sometimes that there are never enough hours in the day to do what we want.

But of course, we have to pay for those goods and services we desire, and many of us still do not like using our credit cards online as there is always going to be that criminal element hell bent of stealing our personal details.

Payforit enables you to buy online digital content and services like games and videos. You can even enter competitions or play at PayForIt casinos. You can even make a donation to your favourite charity using Payforit.

The process of Payforit is pretty straight forward too. For example, say we want to play on an online casino game and we have decided on our site, we now need to make a deposit to pay for the games. All that is required is we choose Payforit as our banking option, then use the Payforit flow to make a deposit and then wait for the purchase confirmation to be sent to our mobile, and as credit usually appears instantly in our casino account then the ability to be able to play whenever and wherever we choose is made even simpler.

If you choose this payment method there will be no need to enter your number as if you are connected via a 3G or 4G the Payforit flow automatically recognises your number through your network provider, and once more, Payforit can be used by anyone in the UK who uses a mobile phone with a monthly contract, or uses a Pay-as-you Go, and who has credit.

Another great advantage of the Payforit payment option is that it is available on all UK mobile networks. There are also some virtual (MVNO) operators like Virgin that also accept Payforit, and that means any UK mobile number is supported.

The process really is that easy!

If you make a Payforit purchase using a WiFi connection the Payforit flow will ask you to enter your mobile number as well, but there really is no need to worry as you will be taken step by step through the whole process that will enable you to pay for your digital content using your mobile phone bill.

Once that is completed then you will see the charges on you monthly bill or the amount will be deducted from your pay as you go balance.

The receipt you receive will show a number and this is the contact number of the seller you have purchased your digital content from. You can use this number if you have any issues at all with the seller, but please remember that calls could be charged so do check the call rate.

Another good tip if you are considering using Payforit is not to give your consent for follow up SMS messages from the sellers you have purchased from unless you want ot hear about other promotions and discounts they think might interest you. If you find you are getting unwanted SMS messages they you can use the STOP command which will not be charged at the premium rate.

*Under the Code of Practice once a customer has activated the STOP command then the seller MUST stop sending any marketing messages to your number.

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