How to Quickly Spot a Rogue Online Casino

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How to quickly spot a rogue online casino

Since stricter legislation came into force and it became easier to source our favourite games through our smartphones and other mobile devices, online gambling has really taken off.

This really is not such a surprise as many of us enjoy having a bet or wager on our favourite casino game, slots or bingo games, and being able to play those games whenever and wherever we choose definitely appeals.

Now there are plenty of decent, legitimate and trustworthy new casino site webpages out there, but unfortunately you will always get those less that legitimate sites, those that are after finding out your personal details, or those that operated poorly which is no fun at all.

Luckily there are things you can do to make sure the site you play at is both fun and legitimate, and probably the best thing you could start with is to read the reviews that you can find on online casinos. These sites act in much the same way as any other comparison site does. They are run by experts in the field who will look at various important points of a new casino then rate and rank its performance.

Another tip is that most of the bigger brands that have stood the test of time are rarely rogue sites. Indeed, they cannot afford to have their reputation tarnished at all as the gambling industry is a very competitive market.

On the other hand, a casino that has been involved in an online scandal because it does not pay winnings out quickly (or at all) or comes up with reasons to close account (especially if it is a profitable one) is a casino to stay away from.

Remember too that any casino should be licensed, it is the law and are awarded by jurisdictions which are dotted around the world. Be careful to make sure that the casino is licensed in such plaices as Gibraltar, Alderney and Malta.

Any casino worth its license should also have its Random Number Generator (RNG) certified as true and fair. The RNG is what rolls the virtual dice, spins the virtual wheels and reels, and deals the virtual cards. The RNG should be independently audited in order to certify that it is both true and fair and offers each player the equal chance of a win.

There are a few companies that offer this service with three of the best known being Technical Systems Testing, iGaming Labs and eCorgra, and the certificate as well as the licensing number will be displayed at the bottom of the online casinos pages.

Another thing to consider is the deposit methods that the casino offers, as a limited selection should really send out warning bells.

Using an online casino review site can take a lot of the hard work out of finding a high-quality online casino that you are going to enjoy, so think seriously about using one, after all they are there for some fun and entertainment as well as the action they offer.

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