How do the Best Mobile Casinos Feature in Our Top 10 List?

It may be an uphill task for you to select the best mobile casinos but we have thoroughly reviewed many new and old players to help you choose the right one. How do we label a mobile casino ‘the best’? Here is a quick low-down on our methodology.

First and foremost, we ensure that the mobile casino being evaluated has width and depth in the range of games they offer. You should never feel the dearth of new games and must be served with a menu that is refreshed very often. You must have the ability to switch between different casino game types and themes. Whether it is traditional casino games like Poker, Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack, or new-age themed video slots, you must be overwhelmed by choice. An online mobile casino may not give you live dealer options but there is plenty to choose from. And those include progressive jackpot slots!

Besides, playing online should not come with technical glitches. You should be able to enjoy any game seamlessly across devices and operating systems. The best mobile casinos are way ahead of their competition and have evolved to support Android, iPhone, Windows and even MAC.

What differentiates the top casino websites from many me-too ones is the variety of promotions and bonuses. They do not stop at a luring welcome casino bonus. They have rewards and upgrades for their loyal members too.

Last but not least, the security of your funds and legality of the casino website is thoroughly checked. A lot of sites bring players in through mega bonuses but restrict their fund’s withdrawal with a long list of terms and conditions. We understand how important it is for you to trust a site before putting in your hard-earned money. We rank a site high only if it meets our criteria for trust.

With a comprehensive check like this, we ensure that our recommended top 10 mobile casinos don’t fall short of your expectations on any front.

How to Get Started with Real Money Mobile Casinos?

If you want to begin gambling on mobile casinos, you need to first make sure that you have a high-speed Internet connection on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. You need to be on Wifi / 3G or 4G connection to enjoy gaming without glitches. Besides, you need to go slow with your gaming spree. Initially, keep a tab of the data usage and ensure you have enough bandwidth on your data plan.

The best way to experience gaming on mobile phones is by downloading the casino app. While the apps are usually light and download in no time, you can choose to play on the browser too. Playing on browser means no download but ensure you are using the mobile site and not the desktop site of the casino.

The best mobile casinos will show the technical information upfront when you login. All the compatible operating systems and devices that back the gaming software will be listed. If you do not want to go through the long list of technical specifications, you can simply check our recommended top 10 mobile casinos for iPhone, Android or specific handsets.

Step by Step Guide On Getting Started

Zero in on the casino: Not every casino will have your type of games, deposit methods or withdrawal policies. It is a good idea to go through the recommended list of top 10 mobile casinos, compare and shortlist one.

Finish Formalities: You will have to create an account using a signup form. It should take no time if you have your details handy. If you have already created an account through your laptop, you may be able to use the same account from your phone as well. So, do not duplicate.

Sign in: You may be allowed to play demo games without login. But when you want to do real money betting, you need to put your user id and password.

Getting accustomed to the toggles: Not every casino software will work in the same way. You will have to try a demo game and figure what a left swipe does, what a right swipe does etc.

Go with the flow: Whatever you do from your usual desktop, can be done from your mobile as well. So go ahead, add your bank account or e-wallet. Check out the promotion that suits you and starts playing.

The upside of Playing on a Mobile Device

Obviously, when you play on your mobile device, you are not restricted to your home or office. You can gamble even while travelling or waiting for your transport. But that is not the full story. When you play on your mobile phone, you keep practising and keep getting better at your game. The more often you bet, the more you know what makes you lose or win. Mathematics keeps getting stronger.

Besides, you don’t stick to your laptop screens and keep playing to cover up your losses. Your addiction automatically gets controlled. You know you can make small wins in small leisure times through your mobile phone and all those little earnings will club to become huge one day. Check out our pay by phone casino page for more info on mobile gaming.

When to be Suspicious of an Online Casino site?

Logging on to a mobile casino site, deposit a minimum and getting started should be a breeze. If you play your cards right and have luck by your side, getting some instant gratifications should not be tough. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. Some mobile casinos have below-par practices and have a poor track record. One wrong choice can dampen your online gaming experience. It is important to check our blacklisted casino list. We tell you a casino is not worth spending time or money at if:

  • They are known to confiscate player’s wins
  • They do not have active customer care to take care of complaints and requests
  • Their cashout timings are terribly slow
  • Their games are not licensed
  • Their business practices are below par in general for a Casino

How Do You Know if a Mobile Casino is Safe?

In today’s day and age mobile platforms are as secure as their computer counterparts because they use equally good firewalls, 128-bit encryptions and other safety measures.

Before you start off, you must definitely check 2 things. First is the footer of the site which always mentions the legal licences obtained by the casino. The second thing is the term and conditions sections. Some countries are restricted from using the app and you don’t want a bad surprise at the time of withdrawal.

Besides, it is important that the games are not rigged and the algorithms come under the purview of fair play. The site or app must be regulated by eCOGRA. This information is also always displayed on the homepage with a seal.

How to Select the Best Mobile Casinos with Highest Bonuses?

It is important that you make the most of your betting monies. There are innumerable promotions that will come flashing in front of your eyes. You may not know which one is better unless you read the fine font. Our recommended list of top 10 mobile casinos has fantastic bonuses, especially for your mobile device or OS. Every casino gives out special deals for Apple, Blackberry or Android players and you need to have an eye of an expert to find them. There is so much on offer that you can get overwhelmed and confused. There are welcome bonuses, free spins, deposit bonuses and much more but each one comes with some caveat. If you don’t want to go through the pain of evaluation, simply trust our top 10 list and start playing.

One thing to remember is that you don’t lose out when you create a mobile account on a casino. All desktop offers are always applicable to you. As a mobile user, you can only expect more deals.

How to Make a Deposit at any of our Top 10 mobile casinos?

The first question that comes through when you are newbie is – can I play for free? You certainly can. On mobile phones, you need to download your app, create an account and play demo games. Once you are good with your strategy, you can deep dive with real money.

Once you are ready to try some real money games, you can use these common deposit methods:

Skrill ( Moneybookers): This method allows you to make deposits using your mobile phone. All you need to do is go to and create an account there. You will be required to link your account to your bank account. This is the only time you give out your bank information. Henceforth, you will only need your skrill account details to make deposits. Once you create an account with a casino, you can choose Skrill as your payment method. You will be taken to the Skrill site for authentication. That’s it. Your casino account will be created instantly.

PayPal: It is the most popular service for making deposits. You need to go about it the same way as Skrill. You need to create an account with PayPal and complete the authorization process. You will be required to make a small deposit using PayPal before your account is active for use. Once it is active, you can link it to your mobile casino account. Every time you need to make a payment, you need to provide your PayPal email id. No need to give your bank account details. On authentication, money gets created to your account.

Neteller: It is yet another e-Wallet service but it is a lot stricter than most others. You have many secret questions and answers to fill in before you start using it. Using it is similar otherwise. You choose Neteller in your deposit window and fill in a denomination. On authentication, your money is credited. You can withdraw also using Neteller.  

Boku: Boku is a service that makes payment absolutely hassle-free. All you need to do is put in a put in an amount for transfer. You will be asked for your mobile number. A text message that comes through needs to be replied to. Once confirmed, your deposit is charged to your mobile phone bill.

If you have been lucky enough to win on any of the recommended top 10 mobile casinos, be sure you will be able to take your wins home. Some sites have slow cashout methods. Few others are quick but have high playthrough requirements. What does that mean? You are required to wager a certain sum before you withdraw your wins. Our recommended list of top 10 mobile casinos has a mix of both kind of sites – quick cashout or low playthrough.

Lose No Time in Getting Started

Want to get started? Check out our list of top 10, best mobile casinos now. We take the pain of scouring through the many sites, new and old to suggest only the very best. The casinos that top our charts give you the peace of mind needed to begin. They have the newest releases, plentiful games, and a roomful of bonuses. They also get a thumbs-up when it comes to user reviews, customer support, easy of withdrawals and legality. We leave no stone unturned to give you a comprehensive overview and to help you decide. We also list the best Uk slots sites for players interested in premium slots games.