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There are loads of ways to win big when online gambling. Whether it’s hitting jackpots, raking in multiple small wins, or triggering a mega bonus round, or win real money at online casinos is the aim for practically every player.

But some apps are better at this than others. In an entertainment industry where customers have the upper hand and the freedom of choice to select their favourite live casinos, not having a smooth payment process to deliver real money wins to players is unforgivable.

And so, here at TMC we’re taken a deep dive into what is the best casino app to win real money. And when we say real money, we mean it. Not apps that offer credits, or tokens, for NFTs, or IOUs. But real cash, available to withdraw to your bank account and then spend on the things you love.

Read on to find out more…

What Does Real Money Gambling Mean?

Real money gambling is when you play games for actual money, rather than for credits, prizes or anything in-between. You almost always have to risk your own money when real money gambling, and if you win you’ll be rewarded with cash.

Now, most sites require you to “buy” chips which you then use at the tables when playing roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. Other places will allow you to bet coins in, say, a slot machine, or even charge a payment card that you place in the machine, so you don’t have to enter a coin every time.

This is pretty simple. But there are wider differences in the community. In fact, real money gambling isn’t always guaranteed. It all depends which site you join, and what set-up they have to help ensure account safety and security.

What Are The Various Types of Gambling Payments?

Here are the four main types of payments that you may encounter…

What is Real Money Gambling?

This is the most common type of casino in the UK. A real money site requires you to make a deposit from your bank account, e-wallet or pay using phone , and spend that money on your bets. You have a balance that you can top up, and when you win that’s where your winnings go. You can then withdraw these winnings as real money, sometimes instantly.

More About Free Gambling Games?

Some casinos offer free games to players that don’t require any monetary transaction. All you have to do is sign up to a profile and you can play the free games whenever you like. Of course, you won’t win any real money here, buy you might win additional prizes.

What Coins Mean in Real Money Gambling?

Some require you to buy coins before you start gambling. This is fairly normal practice as it’s the same thing you’d do in a site when you exchange cash for chips. The only thing here is that your coins then need to be transferred back into cash before withdrawing your winnings.

Exciting Gambling Crypto Casino Market

More and more cryptos are emerging on the market. These allow players to pay with crypto and even gamble with crypto, rather than transferring their deposits into coins. Crypto gambling can be very erratic as the value of the currency changes even while you’re playing. Because of this, most stay away from it. However if you are a player interested in crypto gambling, read more:

What are Our Recommended Gambling Sites to Win Real Money?

So, when it comes to the best gambling apps to win real money, it’s important to focus on real money games and payment methods. This is where you’ll get your rewards – much more than in crypto or free.

And the two big metrics we’ve used to boil down the best gambling apps are high RTP rates, and fast payouts. RTP stands for Return to Player, and is the rate you can expect to earn on an average betting session. If an RTP is 97% then you can expect, on average, to win £97 for every £100 you wager. Some people will earn more than this, some less. But the higher the rate, the better for you.

Fast withdrawal methods are also important for real money gaming, as you’re dealing with your own money here. Casinos are quick to accept deposits from your bank account, so they should be quick to deposit safely and secured when you make a withdrawal.

Using these two metrics we’ve come up with three gambling apps that are ideal for real money gamers…

Luckland casino

Luckland has a strong app performance and secure withdrawal methods

Luckland Online Casino
98% | 4.1/5 Withdrawal Speed

Luckland boats one of the highest RTPs you’ll ever find in the community. At 98% it’s probably as close as you’ll get to evens, where there is no house edge. Luckland also has a pretty impressive withdrawal speed, with most usual bank payments transferred within a few hours. It also deals with a lot of different e-wallets. Luckland is available on Windows, and has a downloadable casino app with exclusive bonuses offered on first plays.

Mansion casino

The Mansion app is available on mobile and tablet

Mansion Online Casino
97.7% | 3.5/5 Withdrawal Speed

The Mansion brand covers everything from sports betting and bingo through to poker and live casino. It means if you create a Mansion Casino profile then it will be transferable to the other platforms, along with your cash. Withdrawal speeds could be improved with Mansion but its RTP is excellent at 97.7%. It’s also available on all devices, including the iOS app.


Karamba has developed a wide range of games on its real money casino app

Karamba Online Casino
96.8% | 4.1/5 Withdrawal Speed

Karamba has become one of the best-rated online casinos in the UK over recent years, thanks to its dedication to customer service and £500,000 maximum jackpot. But it also benefits from a wide range of bonuses and promotions, while the site’s RTP remains steady. Withdrawal speeds for normal cash transfers are pretty sharp too.

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