Why Use New Casinos UK?

This is one of the most important questions to answer, and one we’ll answer in detail. There are many reasons to play at the best new platforms, however, the biggest reason is inevitably down to the bonuses. Like any new business, the new sites need to drum up interest, and they often do this by offering a stunningly large welcome bonus, as well as further casino bonus offers too. If you play at the best site, it’s not impossible for you to double your money straight away.

New sites are also now built with HTML5 technology, and this is important for mobile gamblers. It means that the mobile casino is displayed properly on any screen, from a PC through to an iPhone. Older casinos might not have got around to updating their sites yet – although the big names haven’t been slow to upgrade – so picking new mobile casinos can often be a fantastic choice for those looking to gamble on the go.

The final advantage to new sites is this: they are often completely different to anything you’ve seen before. New sites now really have to have a unique USP, to make themselves stand out from the crowd. If they don’t, they’ll simply get lost in the pool of existing online casinos. This means you could find features that enhance the casino experience, interesting new bonus offers, and much more. So, you shouldn’t get bored of gambling when you sign-up with a few new casinos online!

What Are the Games Like at a New Site?

It’s inescapable that most new sites will have fewer games than the more established sites, simply because they’ve not had the same period of time to build up their portfolio. Any good new site should still offer a broad selection of slots though, including some from the biggest software producers around, and their selection of slots should also include some titles with massive progressive jackpots.

It’s not enough to only have slots though, as a new casino should start life with much more. A live casino is a must, and it should feature at least the most basic games, including roulette, blackjack and baccarat. What’s more, any new site should also offer a selection of standard games to those not interested in slots – games such as video poker and different table games.

While the game selection at a new site won’t be massive, it will grow steadily over time though. So, you should find new games added on an almost constant basis – meaning you’ll always have something new and interesting to enjoy at the best new casinos!

How Do I Select the Best New Site?

Selecting a new place to play can be tough, however, there’s no need to worry, as we’ve made the entire process easy. To find the top places for you to play, just read the reviews of our top new casino sites, which have been written by experts and are completely unbiased. If we love a site, we’ll tell you, but we’ll also definitely let you know if a site doesn’t meet our exacting standards. We also amend our reviews regularly, so they’ll always be completely relevant.

There’s something really important to mention here as well, and it’s this: you don’t have to sign-up with just one site. Experienced gamblers often sign-up with multiple sites, and this is for one reason – the more sites they sign-up with, the more bonuses they’ll be able to claim. So, if you’re struggling to pick between two different casinos, why not simply join both? You’ll then get double the free casino money to gamble with!

How Are New Sites Reviewed?

Our review process is thorough and unbiased. We take our time looking over each site and assess a number of different areas. The first – and most important – of these areas is the games. Any new site has to offer a large selection of titles, in many different niches. So, it’s not enough to have a handful of slots and a table game. Instead, all sites we recommend must have loads of slots, video poker, progressive jackpot games, blackjack, live casino games and more.

That’s not all we look at though, as we’ll also evaluate loads of other areas. We’ll pay close attention to the bonuses, and will sift through the small print to let you know if they’re as good as they seem. Some bonuses hide restrictive clauses in their terms and conditions, such as insanely high rollover requirements, but you won’t fall into the trap of accepting a bad bonus when you online gamble at a site we recommend.

We’ll also contact the site using different methods, to see if their customer service really is up to scratch. We’ll also look at the site’s security, the usability of the website, and how good the site is for mobile gamblers. Once we’re finished, you’ll know everything you need to know about a particular casino.

So, why not read through our reviews of the new gambling sites that UK gamblers have open to them? You should be able to find the perfect site for you in just a few minutes!

Can UK Gamblers Get Big Bonuses?

Yes, they certainly can, particularly when they join one of the new gaming platforms that 2018 has on offer. As already mentioned, these new sites have to offer huge bonuses, in order to attract customers. If they just offered the same bonuses as more established sites, there wouldn’t be much incentive to start gambling with them.

The most important bonus is generally the first deposit bonus, and some new sites offer hundreds of pounds via this promotion. Simply deposit some money, and the site will then double – or sometimes even triple – the amount you’ve added to your account. So, your £20 deposit could instantly change into £40, or even more.

When it comes to new casino welcome bonuses, the ‘no deposit bonus offers’ are also regularly offered. These do exactly as they sound – they give you a bonus, without you ever having to deposit any real money. These bonuses often have high rollovers, meaning it’s usually tough to withdraw any money you win, however they’re a fantastic way to practice playing the games, which will give you an advantage when you start playing with your own cash.

Free spin bonuses are also often found at new and established casinos, and these are another great way to learn the rules of a slot, without having to risk your own hard-earned money. Check the terms and conditions of the promotion though, as some free spins bonuses can only be used when playing a specific online slot.

Are New Casinos Better Than Old Casinos?

Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. It really depends on the quality of a specific new online casino site, as well as the competition they’re going up against. So, a new site with only a few games and poor bonuses wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as most established casinos, however, a new site with loads of great features will be. Ultimately, you want to pick the site that is best for you, regardless of whether this is a new site or an older one.

New casinos do have one distinct advantage over older casinos though – they have the potential to grow massively, offering new games, better bonuses and more exciting experience. Established casinos have often done their growing already, and now simply try to maintain the status quo, in order to keep their loyal fans happy. So, whether you choose a new or an old casino often comes down to whether you want everything now, or whether you are prepared to wait for the new site to start offering more exciting new features.

How Do I Know If a New Casino is Trustworthy?

This is perhaps the biggest issue gamblers have with new online gambling sites. Because a site is new, it hasn’t yet proved itself as secure and trustworthy, so some gamblers prefer to play it safe and stick to the more established sites. There’s a way to play it safe and play at new casinos though, and it all revolves around a government organization called the UK Gambling Commission.

The UK Gambling Commission – or UKGC for short – checks online gambling sites, ensuring they’re completely honest and fair, and that they’re treating their customers in exactly the right way. If a site isn’t trustworthy, they’d have their UKGC licence revoked straightaway. So, if a site displays the UKGC logo, you can be sure it’s a completely legitimate site. Conversely, if no logo is shown, steer well clear – they’ve either had their licence revoked, or never applied for one in the first place.

There are also other ways to see if a site is trustworthy. One of the best ways is seeing whether the casino software and security have been audited by a company such as eCOGRA. If it has, you’ll find a logo at the bottom of the page. These independent companies look at things such as the random number generator and transaction encryption, and a thumbs-up from them means a site can be completely trusted.

We know that safety and security is a massive concern for UK online gamblers. Therefore, we only ever recommend sites that are regulated by the UKGC and have had their site analysed by a company like eCOGRA. So, you’ll be safe playing at any gaming portal we recommend.

How Can I Deposit and Withdraw at New Sites?

It is often true that new sites don’t offer as many banking options are more established sites. This really shouldn’t make a difference for most people though, as the majority of online gamblers deposit and withdraw using credit/debit card – something that is nearly always offered at all online gambling sites. So, when you want to deposit at a new site, credit/debit card – including VISA and MasterCard – is probably the best idea.

New sites also usually offer the two main e-wallets to customers, and these are Skrill and Neteller. These are perfect for those concerned with sharing their bank details with a new site, as the e-wallet acts as a middleman in the transaction. Those who don’t want to input their card details anywhere online also have an option – Paysafecard. Simply buy a Paysafecard voucher in a local shop, and then use the code to add money to a Paysafecard account. Most new sites won’t offer PayPal banking though, as meeting PayPal’s requirements can often be more than it’s worth for the casinos.

At any new casino we recommend, you should nearly always find that a deposit reaches your account within a matter of seconds. Our recommended casinos also offer some of the fastest withdrawals around, and these are usually processed within 48 hours.

Start Playing at a New Online Casino Today!

Now you know everything you need to know about new casino sites, from the huge bonuses they offer, through to the fact that, despite being new, they still offer really high levels of security. All you now need to do is read through the new casino reviews here on this site, which will allow you to find the new casino that is perfect for you. Once you’ve done that, you should be playing your favourite games at a new casino with minutes!