When it comes to casino games, slots are pretty popular. They are luck based games and require a little strategy. They come with loads of bonus features that increase your chances of winning. People have been playing them at casinos since several decades but the new-age mobile slots have an edge over traditional slot machines.

Top Mobile Slots Sites

Monster Casino£5 No Deposit Bonus
100% Match Up to £500
3 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Vegas Baby£500 Bonus + 50 Bonus Spins3 Stars
T's & C's Apply
32 Red320% up to £160 offer5 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Bcasino£1200 Bonus + 100 Free Spins 5 Stars
T's & C's Apply
BGO  Casino10 Free Spins On Registration 100 Free Spins On 1st Deposit *No wagering requirements4 Stars
T's & C's Apply
888 Casino£5 Bonus No Deposit Required + 10% Payment Bonus5 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Jackpot Mobile CasinoWelcome Bonus Free £5 + Up to £500 Deposit Bonus 4 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Vegas Mobile CasinoUp to £225 Deposit Match Bonus + £5 Free 4 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Winneroo Games Casino£20 Refer a Friend Bonus +£5 Free Cash3 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Jackpot Paradise100% Up to £200 Deposit Bonus3 Stars
T's & C's Apply
Northern Lights Casino£5 No Deposit Bonus + £500 Bonus3 Stars
T's & C's Apply

What are Mobile Slots?

They are just like traditional slot machines. The difference lies in the platform of delivery. Mobile slots are specifically created for Android, iOS and other smartphone users. Mobile slots allow every smartphone users to play these amazing real money games and they have themes that come alive with cool graphics and animations. They are a complete package – storyline, visuals, gameplay, jackpots and much more.

How Mobile Slots Really Work?

There are many real money mobile game websites that allow you to play slots using your iPhone, iPad and any other tablet or mobile device. Some mobile casinos use your device’s web browser while some others offer an option to download their apps onto your device. You can use your existing account or create a new one using your mobile phone. An account created earlier using a computer can be used to log in through your mobile phone too. Once you get into your mobile slots account, you can choose your favourite slot game and start playing just like you play on the computer. The only difference here is that you will be using your finger to tap the spin and other game buttons. The app is much easier because you need not enter the website along with user ID and password each time you want to play. You can just click on the best mobile slots app. Your credentials are already saved, so all you have to do is open the app and start playing.

What is Progressive Jackpot in Mobile Slots?

This is one of the most preferred types of jackpot that gamblers look for in a slot game. It means a portion of the bet goes into a common pool of jackpot that offers huge money when you win it. There are websites that allow you to play these top jackpot games on your smart device including tablets. The best part of these progressive slot games is that the money in jackpot pool keeps increasing until you win. Once you win it starts all over again with the minimum amount. So you don’t win the jackpot just once. You can win any number of times as long as you keep playing the game.

Are There Restrictions on Playing Mobile Slots?

When you check top mobile slots UK site or any other free mobile slots site, you will find some restrictions based on the device you use. Some slot games are developed using advanced gaming technologies that require a device with higher-end hardware configuration to support the game’s content and graphics quality. If your mobile device does not have the required minimum configuration, then chances are that the website will restrict you from playing such games or downloading apps. This is for your own good because if it still allows you to play high-end games on your low-end device, then the game might hang and you might even lose your winnings. This can create chaos and can be an unnecessary issue to you and the website owners. To avoid such conflicts, some casino websites have inbuilt programs that detect your phone’s configuration before allowing you to play.

How to Check Your Mobile Phone’s Compatibility?

To check if you can play mobile slots casino software using your phone, you need to make sure you are using a smartphone device. Most devices with operating systems such as iPhone, Android and Windows mobile are supported by mobile casinos. If any particular slot game does not work on your phone then either your phone’s hardware or software is not up to date, or the OS of your phone does not support the game. So, you have to keep your phone’s software updated. If you are finding it difficult to get games that can run on your device, it is time you replace it with the latest one. Else, you can find websites with lower end graphical slot games that you can still play using your existing phone.

In Comparison to Desktop, Is Playing Slot on Mobile Different?

Most slot games today support multiple devices such as desktop, laptop, tablets, and different OS based smartphones. While there is no difference in the way a slot game works on mobile phones and tablets, the experience can be way richer. You may use the mouse or the scrolling area in laptops to play a game. But mobile phones use touch technology and swipes for the same functions. Another key difference is the screen size; desktop offers a bigger view of the game screen. But the advantage you have in mobile slots is the complete privacy.

Since you can carry the mobile with you, you can play from anywhere. You will have to use a web browser to play via a desktop, while smartphones allow you to download easy and quick access apps. Unlike desktops, mobile phones do not consume time to start a game since there is no system boot time involved. A desktop or a laptop requires you to find a place to sit but mobile phone allows you to play even while standing in a queue, riding a cab or travelling in a train.

How to Use Your Mobile Phone To Deposit Funds?

Adding funds to your game account using a computer requires your credit card, debit card or wire transfer that consumes time and can run into an error if you input wrong credentials. So many online casino websites today allow you to add funds using your mobile phone. You can either transfer the account balance of your phone to top up your mobile slots account or use your phone bill to add the same. Cell phone service providers allow these kinds of transactions within a certain limit. Most websites allow a limited funds addition from mobile phones. The allowable limits are £10 and sometimes up to £25 per day.

Apart from debit or credit card, you can add funds using alternate payment gateways such as Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, etc too. These options are safe and secured so you need not go through the hassles of a wire transfer. And since there is a restriction of deposit limit, you will have better control on your finance. Many casino sites even offer bonus funds and promotional offers when you choose your phone to make deposits.

Is Playing Mobile Slots Safe?

With so many security threats from hackers around the world, it is obvious that one would think about the safety aspects of playing these mobile slots. But the fact is, there is nothing to worry about as these online casino sites are developed with highest levels of encryption. All these casino websites are licensed and regulated by gambling commissions of various countries. Android, iPhone, and windows mobile phones come with their own security features in the devices too.

There are multiple levels of security that is impossible for anyone to breach. The first level is the handset security feature. Then there is security in payment gateways that you use for adding funds. Then your bank account and credit/debit cards have security features too and finally, the secured casino websites ensure complete safety. All these places have features that constantly get updated by their respective information security teams. They constantly monitor all activities at multiple touch points to ensure any threat or virus found is immediately blocked and removed from the systems. So, you can play your favourite slot and add as many funds you want without any worries. But you must always check casino reviews to ensure you are playing on trusted platforms. Some casinos lure new players with deposit bonus and then don’t allow them to withdraw their wins. Such casinos are part of our blacklisted list and you must definitely avoid playing there.

Start Spinning On-the-go: Playing slot games using mobile phones offers a quick and easy way to win real money on your bets. With a mobile phone in hand, you can use every single leisure minute to spin a slot. But not every mobile slot or mobile casino is right for you. It is important to check technical specifications before actually registering or downloading the app. If you are unsure, you can check mobile casino reviews on our website. Our reviews are updated frequently so you know which casinos or apps work seamlessly across devices.