What exactly are Slots Cheat Codes? – Where Can I Find Them? Do they really work?

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Learning how to cheat slot machines isn’t exactly easy when you play online in UK apps and websites. After all, how can you trick computer software to give you an edge over a casino that is built with safety and security in mind?

Sadly, you probably already know the answer. There isn’t really any way to cheat an online casino. Even the bad casinos aren’t foolish enough to drop their security measures long enough for someone to cheat their games and run off with lots of money.

In fact, these days new online casinos come with so much player and account security – from software hacking defence systems to player welfare protection – that it’s nearly impossible to cheat on a game.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t exploit these games of chance to your advantage. Players have for years tried to game the system – whether it be online and at a Las Vegas casino – and some have been successful.

So, here’s everything you need to know about cheat codes for slot machines, and what alternatives are available to you…

Do cheat codes for slots exist?

Sadly, no. Cheat codes do not exist for slots. In fact, they never have done. After all, slot machines aren’t games in the same sense you’d play on a PS5 or Xbox game. There’s real money at stake with slots, and providing cheat codes for some players would ruin the fairness that everyone adheres to.

The benefit of being able to play top casino games is you get assurances that they are safe, glitch free and secure from fraud. This means secure from cheating too – so you know you’re not being cheated out of your money.

Can I cheat an online slot?

Now, this is up for debate. Some people believe you can cheat at slots, but to do so you have to be incredibly lucky. Effectively, slots run on random number generator software, which ensures games are totally randomised. However, sometimes the software it glitchy – and this opens the door for someone to cheat the game.

If you spot that a game is glitching, or patterns are forming in how slots are paying out, then you should arguably tell the casino. However, others may choose to cheat the system, keep quiet, and place bets when they predict a jackpot is coming.

Glitches aren’t easy to spot and aren’t usually found on popular high stakes games in the best casino apps that millions of players spin on every year. Even experienced slots players may never spot a glitch and take advantage of it. But they do occur and some players will take advantage of them.

As for cheating in a highstreet casino, the days of banging the side of a slot machine to trigger a jackpot are long gone. These days slots are encased in anti-tampering boxes that prevent people from bashing them open, and many don’t even use coins anymore. Instead, you need to use a prepaid casino card and insert it into the game, making it even harder to trick the slot into paying out.

Ways to win playing slots online

So, there’s no such thing as a slot machine cheat code and you cannot rely on glitches to exploit the mistakes casinos make. But there are ways you can improve your chances of winning on an slot. It’s all about playing smart and trying to reduce the house edge as much as possible.

And here are some smart tips for improving your chances of winning on the slots:

  • Play high RTP games – Find games with high Return to Player (RTP) rates and figure out what bets you need to make to maximise your win potential
  • Read the rules – Check the slot’s rulebook to see if there are any ways you can boost your chances of winning, such as placing bigger bets to increase the RTP
  • Trigger bonuses – Sometimes you have no control over the bonuses you trigger in online slot machines, but these are the best way you can nail a big win
  • Consider volatility – Slot volatility ranges from low to high, and marks the regulatory with which you can expect a payout. Low volatility pays out often but not very big, high volatility pays out rarely but when you do win, you win a mega payout!

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Can I beat the casino at slots?

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You might well be wondering if you can ever beat an online casino via their slot machines, if you can’t cheat. Surely the games are rigged in favour of the house, right? Well, not quite. Yet the RTP in any online slot is going to slightly favour the casino, but that’s because the casino needs to make some money off some players, in order to pay out jackpots, pay taxes, and pay running costs for their websites. A casino game with a 97% RTP is actually pretty good!

There’s no guaranteed way to beat the casino on a slot machine but you can increase your RTP if the game allows it. This includes raising your stake, taking advantage of bonuses, and being smart in games like Slingo where you have to make decisions.

But sadly whatever you do, you can’t cheat the system. If you want to play top casino games and enjoy the jackpots, visual effects and gameplay that comes with them, you have to accept that you can’t cheat!

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