An In-Depth Analysis of the Two Primary Forms of Casino Play: Traditional Games and Live Games

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Live casino games

Many new members of the online gambling community discuss whether they prefer playing at a live casino or trying their luck with casino classics. While there is little separating classic and live gaming in terms of enjoyment, players will naturally favour one over the other based on their preferred play style.

While some players prefer the spontaneity and excitement of live play, others are more comfortable with the predictability and consistency that the best online casinos offering classic games can offer. This could also be influenced by your level of casino experience or lack thereof.

But what distinguishes these genres of games from one another? And, in the end, does it even matter that much? Here at TMC, we’ve scoured the offerings of several top-tier mobile casinos, both traditional and live, to bring you everything you need to know…

Comparison of Live Dealer Casino Games to Traditional Table Games

We should define “live” and “classic” games in casinos before comparing their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Streamed in real time to players at multiple casinos, “live games” are interactive table and card games. The programmers set up a studio and employ live croupiers and dealers to run the shows. A player who enters a live casino will have the opportunity to converse with the dealer, other players, and any other characters in the game.
  • Casino Live games include poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, board games such as Monopoly Live, and game shows like Deal or No Deal Live.
  • Online casinos have revolutionised the gambling industry by making classic casino games available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on their software-based computer games. The payouts in these games, which are essentially online slot machines, are determined by a random algorithm.
    The vast majority of these games are played alone, without the presence of a live dealer or other players.
  • Online slot machines are the most common type of casino classic game, but bingo, Slingo, scratch cards, and other games are also available. They are programmed with algorithms that keep the RTP constant.

Now that we understand the dissimilarities between the two, let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of each and the types of players who are more likely to favour one over the other.

Live casino games

Live casino games are a great way to interact with dealers and players

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Live Casino Games


  • Great fun – Players tend to get more enjoyment out of casino live games
  • Interaction – You can chat to other players and the dealer/croupier
  • Get that casino feel – Our research found having the “casino feel” is hugely important for live gaming players
  • Experienced players – Learn from the pros. More experienced gamblers are likely to play live games


  • Expensive to make and maintain – Live casinos require a studio and staff, so they’re more expensive to operate
  • Higher minimum bets – High running costs means minimum bets are usually higher too
  • High stakes – And with higher minimum bets comes a propensity to place high stakes wagers and chase those big jackpots
  • Internet speed required – You need a strong internet speed to handle the streaming demands of a live casino
  • Less choice – There are generally around 20 live games in a casino, while classic games can run into the thousands

Those Who Prefer Playing at a Live Casino:

Considering the advantages and disadvantages, an online live casino is clearly not for everyone. However, there is a sizable subset of the Internet population that is keen on live gambling, and these people can be classified as follows. Which, if any of these, best describes you?

  • Experienced players – These will always gravitate towards the live casino UK experience where they can feel more in control and recapture the feel of being in a highstreet casino
  • Social players – Anyone who wants to chat along while playing a casino game should thrive in a live casino setting
  • High rollers The availability of games with high minimum bets means high rollers love the online casino experience
  • Poker players – Poker is usually best enjoyed live rather than on a video poker game, and a poker player will know exactly where to head when joining one of the country’s new online casinos
  • Craps players – Craps is the most interactive, social casino game in the world. Craps players will always take a live experience over video craps
Classic casino games

Casino classic games include slots, bingo and more!

Traditional Casino Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Cheaper to make and maintain – Casino Classic games are cheap to maintain once software developers have made them. They require only a few security updates in line with tech development
  2. Lower minimum bets – The minimum bet level is therefore lower because maintenance costs are lower, which means newcomers with low funds can enjoy these games
  3. Perfect for newcomers – Casino classic games are ideal for newcomers to learn the ropes in peace
  4. Fast game speed – Generally game speed is fast in casino classic games because you don’t need high-level streaming capacity
  5. Loads of choice – Many casino apps feature hundreds, if not thousands, of classic games within their suites


  1. Does it feel like a casino? – Casino classic games are fun but they don’t have the same luxurious feel that a live casino offers
  2. Isolation – No interaction with other players can be good for learning the ropes but some players don’t enjoy gambling alone over a long period of time
  3. Hidden glitches – There can be hidden glitches in an online gambling site that aren’t spotted for months

Players Who Appreciate Traditional Casinos

Based on the pros and cons of casino classic games, we’ve found that most people will enjoy the “classic” experience to begin with. In fact, it’s perfect for newcomers to the casino community as these games can help you learn the ropes. But over time most players choose to “step up” to the live casino experience and interact more with others. For now, though, here are the types of casino player who will enjoy classic games…

  • Individuals – Some players love to gamble alone and thrive doing so.
  • Newcomers – Like we said, learning the ropes as a newcomer is far easier done in a classic casino setting
  • Picky players – If you want oodles of choice then classic games are right for you, with thousands of games to choose from!
  • Theme seekers – Some casino players prefer to games that have specific themes, such as fantasy or history. Slot machines are perfect for this, as they’re all themed in some way or another

Pick your gaming establishment

So there you have it. There are some big differences between classic and live casino games, but also a lot of overlap. Generally players start out spinning on classic games, before stepping up to the live experience. Remember, whichever game you choose to play, take a look at our casino reviews to find the right site and app for you!

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