What are the Benefits of Playing Casino Games on iPhone?

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iPhone casino games

Casino games aren’t only available on computers. These days hundreds of the best casinos harness the power of smartphones and tablets to bring you incredible casino games to your handset.

Whether you have an iPhone, Android or tablet such as an iPad, there is a near limitless number of options for adding a casino to your device.

And here at TMC we know the value of phone online casinos. That’s why we’ve created this guide for players who own an iPhone or iPad, who want to get the very best gambling experience from their tech.

We’ll take you through how iPhone and iPad casinos work, why apps are important for casino security, which are the best iPhone casinos currently available in the UK, and what happens if you don’t have the right device.

How iPhone Casinos Work?

You can play practically every casino game on your iPhone. Whether they’re optimised for the Safari browser or available as a casino app, the iPhone’s screen is adaptable so that it fits nearly every casino game.

iPhone casinos usually aren’t unique to iOS technology. The majority start out life as desktop casinos, where you use your browser to gain access and play their games ranges. However, over the past 15 years software developers and casino operators have realised players want casino games in the palm of their hands!

And so, they set about creating iPhone casinos that work smoothly and without glitches on a phone screen format.

This isn’t easy. A game developer needs to make sure their gameplay works both on the computer screen and touchscreen. They need to change the configuration of graphics so that you can see small details on smaller screens. And they must ensure safety and security isn’t compromised when doing this transition.

Once a casino has a suitable smartphone platform, you’ll be able to play it online either through the phone’s browser or via an app. The majority of iPhone casinos are built within an app, which makes it safe and secure, and also avoids glitches.

You can download the best casino apps without much fuss, and log in using the same details you’d use on desktop. The beauty of iPhone casinos is that your profile is linked no matter how you access your account.

Why playing games on iPhone are better?

Playing casinos in the UK is great fun but it’s even better on the iPhone. The pros very much outweigh the cons. After all, first a start you can play iPhone casino games whenever you like and don’t have to stay at home just to log onto the internet. Other reasons why casinos on iPhone are better include:

  • Time flexibility – Play at a time and place that suits you. You could spin the reels on a bus, at the beach, or even on your lunch break.
  • Safety – Account security must meet App Store standards as well as UK government standards for all iPhone casino apps. Therefore you can be guaranteed a high level of account safety on your device.
  • Ease of use – Accessing games specially designed for iPhone screens is far better than trying to go through the Safari browser, and result in high-resolution graphics and navigation shortcuts.
  • Easy access – Having an iPhone casino on your phone means you can easily access it and, by using fingerprint or facial recognition, you can be playing your favourite games within seconds. There’s no need to log in and wait for a browser to load up anymore!
  • Plug into headphones – Most casino games these days come with music, so you can link your headphones or Airpods to your phone and listen in too.
  • Access live chat – Need help with your gaming? iPhone casino apps offer a fast track to live chat services, email contacts and phone numbers.
  • Apple Pay – Link Apple Pay to your casino app and make swift withdrawal and deposits with ease.
  • Play on TV – You can also link your iPhone to your smart TV and play casino games at high-resolution quality on a bigger screen!


Three Best iPhone Casinos

So, now you know some of the benefits of using an iPhone casino, it’s time to take a look at some of our top-rated apps. Here at TMC our reviewers oversee every aspect of our featured casinos before making recommendations. And this includes looking at how the iPhone app operates. We look out for glitches, payment issues and any security concerns, and offer feedback.

Here are the three best iPhone casinos we believe are in the UK right now:

Mansion iPhone

The Mansion Casino on iPhone is a great place to get started

Mansion Casino

Championing real money games is what Mansion Casino is all about. This established brand has casino branches across the UK, and its app offering is one of the best out there. Quick jackpots, full-screen roulette games, and amazing welcome bonuses are just some of the benefits of Mansion Casino. The app size is fairly large at 80.9mb but you get regular security updates and plenty of bonuses.

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888 Casino

888 Casino

One of the biggest casino brands in the UK, 888 benefits from also featuring sports betting, poker and bingo. The technology is high quality and the casino app runs smoothly. The benefit of 888 Casino is you can then use your profile in its other suites, saving you time and effort. The app can sometimes feel a little bitty – some buttons could be bigger for ease of use – but on the whole 888 Casino is excellent.

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Luckland Casino


Free spins and special offers is what the Luckland app is all about. This iPhone casino has over 1100 games available to all players, and an impressively high 98% RTP. The app also includes gams that feature progressive jackpots, which means there’s a chance you could win a mega fortune. And at 15.4mb, the Luckland casino app won’t take up too much of your storage.

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Not got an iPhone? Check out Android casinos

Android users who get annoyed with the constant chatter about iPhone casinos don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too. Almost every casino we review at TMC is Android compatible.

Now, the majority of these are also available in app form but there are a few that only exist in the browser. Generally browser casinos aren’t as good as they glitch more and can exhaust a phone battery. So we tend to suggest sticking to an Android casino with app capability.

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