Online Casino Guide: Slots Bonus, Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins

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Your chances of hitting it big when spinning at a popular UK online casino might be greatly increased if you take advantage of their bonuses.

These kind of extras are included in every possible deal. If you want to increase your chances of winning at the slots, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of whatever incentives the game or the casino offers.

However, a lot of gamers frequently make the error of playing without first learning about all the freebies and extras they can receive.

Whatever you are as a person and how you feel about taking risks will influence which slot bonus appeals to you the most.

Fortunately, the market is flooded with high-quality gambling sites, each of which offers its own unique spin on incentives.

Well, then, let’s have a look at the most well-liked slots extras that can be found at online and land-based casinos right now.

What kind of Rewards are Available for Players to take advantage of?

Before we look at the individual bonuses, it’s worth remembering that players get the most enjoyment with low risk. It sounds ridiculous but many players forget to read the rules and slot reviews of their chosen slot and simply dive straight in – and this is a sure-fire way of risking your money.

So, when it comes to the types of slots bonuses available in a chosen game, make sure you read the pay-table and understand what’s going on. It will greatly improve your chances of winning payouts!

Now, when we talk about slots bonuses there really are two types. The first are external bonuses that you get when you join an new online casino or trigger special promos. These external bonuses include:

  1. Free Spins
  2. Extra Credits
  3. Tournament tokens
  4. Enhanced Odds
  5. Progressive Jackpots

Meanwhile, the second are internal bonuses that focus on in-game improvements, such as:

  1. Wilds
  2. Scatters
  3. Clusters
  4. Cascading Reels
  5. Extra Games
  6. Expanding Symbols

So remember that not all bonuses are the same. Sometimes you can trigger a batch of free spins to play on multiple games when you sign up to a casino, or you may get respins while playing a specific slot. The bonus is either applicable to the entire casino or to the game.

What Are Some of the Most Well-Liked Slots Bonuses?

So, now we know about the types of casino bonus, let’s see which ones are most popular! There are of course scores of different bonuses and offers to be triggered when you join and play in a casino. But here are the top five that suits the following types of player…

  • Free Spins – For The Budgeter | Hot Streak Casino – 10 No Deposit free spins
    Free spins is a great welcome bonus that many top online casinos offer to new players. You’ll likely be offered a number of free spins to play with on chosen slots and can then recoup your winnings (following wagering requirements, of course). Free spins are considered the perfect tool to help you test new games that you haven’t played before and are ideal for someone on a budget.

Remember, a budgeter isn’t someone who is cheap. They are likely to be more risk averse but crucially they’re still playing on games with a Return to Player equal to that of higher-risk spinners. Free spins simply help budgeters make the right choice.

  • Expanding Wilds – For The Big Win Chaser | Best for top-level games
    Expanding Wilds are an in-game bonus feature that isn’t available on all slots. We all love nailing a payline that has a Wild included as these can often trigger multipliers that lead to big rewards. Well, Expanding Wilds go the extra yard by filling entire reels, which means there’s likely to be more chance of you completing paylines.

Those who love to chase big wins in single spins are naturally attracted to Expanding Wilds and will check out the paytable of numerous games until they find the right one. 

  • Progressive Jackpots – For The Windfall Seeker | 888 Casino – Huge range of progressive jackpots
    Progressive jackpots are where the big-money players can win thousands or even millions of pounds in a single spin. Progressive jackpots work by taking a small percentage of each bet placed on a slot machine and adding it to a growing total. Eventually someone triggers the jackpot and wins the lot!

Many live casinos offer progressive jackpots either on specific games or on a batch of games, which all accumulate together into a single pot. They are ideal for windfall seekers who want to make big bucks on the slots, rather than a gradual increase in profits.

  • Cascading Reels – For The Continual Gamer | Wide variety of games
    Most online slot machine developers have realised over time that what players love more than anything else is continual wins. And that’s where cascading reels have transformed the way we play slots. In games with cascading reels, any winning symbols are wiped clear of the grid and are replaced by icons from above. This means you effective get an extra spin within one game, and could win multiple times.

Many games provide multipliers on cascades and even the opportunity to trigger bonus rounds through them. They can transform a basic win into a huge windfall if you striker lucky – and there’s nothing more exciting than being offered the chance to add to your already sizeable winnings!

  • Bonus Rounds – For The Ultimate Competitor | Mansion Casino – Elite-level gaming
    Some games such as Monopoly Live have bonus rounds embedded within the gameplay – and this means you not only win but also get a chance to play a totally different game. In many slot machines the bonus round will offer you a choice of hidden prizes and the option to select one or two. Others will require you to match up cards, shoot down prizes, even spin wheels of fortune.

The ultimate competitor will likely play on games that feature bonus rounds because they simply love to test themselves on any game going. Of course, part of that competitive nature of knowing there could be a huge prize awaiting if they strike lucky.

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