Which kind of Slot Machine Game has the Highest Payout percentages?

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Nailing a big online slots payout is the dream of all casino players – but did you know there are some slot machines that offer bigger jackpots than others?

There are literally thousands of online slots to choose from, and play right now across all UK online casinos. From classics like Book of Dead to popular new games such as Slingo, finding the slot machine with the biggest payout isn’t always easy.

What’s more, there are loads of different variables to choose from when you play mobile slots. So here at TMC we’ve scoured the internet for three of the top slot machines when it comes to payout sizes.

Below you’ll find what factors go into the size of payouts, how you can get paid by an online casino, and which 3 online slot machines you could try your luck on today!

Where Can I Maximise my Chance of Winning Big?

There are no guaranteed methods to winning at online slots. However, there are ways in which you can maximise your chances of winning and reduce your overall spend. If you’re new to the online casino community then slot machines are likely to be your first choice of game – and so it makes sense that you’ll experiment a lot here, and potentially make mistakes.

Well, here are three tips to improve your hopes of winning at the best casino sites online:

Read the rules – Each online slot machine features what’s called a paytable, where the rules of the game are explained and you can see how much money you can win per symbol you nail. It’s important to read the rules here, so you know exactly how your slot machine works. In doing so, you can make smarter decisions when it comes to bet amounts, payline choices and bonus rounds.

Consider how long you will play – You can choose a slot based on volatility by knowing how long you’ll play the game. For example, if you want to play for 20 minutes then a high-volatility game which offers a greater chance of big wins could be worthwhile. But if you want a nice, long game over a few hours then low volatility could be your thing. You can learn more about slots volatility below.

Set a budget – Always set a budget and never exceed it. That’s the golden rule in gambing, and one you should never break. By setting a budget, you can bet at a level you’re comfortable with, enjoy your game more, and make fewer mistakes.

What it takes to Get Paid at a Casino?

Ever wondered the best way to get paid at an online casino? Well, haven’t we all! Of course, there is no guarantee you can get paid during an online casino session. Sometimes the chips are down and you lose, sometimes your luck is in and you hit the jackpot. Crucially, most players will win some bets and lose some others, and steer well clear of any serious volatility.

Still, it’s worth knowing how to get paid at an online casino when playing slots. It all begins by choosing your game and placing your bet. Once you set a bet value, you can hit SPIN and play the game. Usually, every spin requires a bet. So, if you have a £1 bet amount, then each time you hit SPIN you’ll bet £1.

Likewise, if you secure three or more matching symbols on one of the slots paylines, then you win. The size of your win depends on the value of the symbols you match, the wilds or scatters that are also placed on the reels, the bonuses that might be triggered, and all other variables in a slot machine.

If you win, your account will automatically be credited with the winning amount. So, a £1 spin could win you £55, which would then go into your account.

Which Casinos Has the Best Volatility Payouts?

Before we look at our three top highest online slots payout choices, it’s worth understanding exactly what factors sit behind the size of payouts. These are: RTP and volatility.

Combined, RTP and volatility give players the best understanding possible of how regularly a slot machine will pay out, and how big those payouts could be. So, here’s a quick recap on what they both entail…

How RTP Work?

RTP stands for Return To Player and is used in online casinos to show gamers how likely they are to win when spinning on a slot machine, throwing craps dice, or dealing a blackjack hand. RTP is the average percentage a player can expect to win during a normal gaming session. For example, a 95% RTP shows that if a player gambled £10 over a session, they would on average win £9.50 back. That final 3% is the house edge, which is built into all casino games.

Of course, a 95% RTP doesn’t mean the player cannot win more. It just means on average that’s what the game pays out. For some players they could win thousands of pounds, while others will win nothing.

Speaking About RTP Volatility: What Do We Exactly Mean?

Volatility in online casinos is a metric used to determine the regularity and size of payouts. The best slots sites will feature some games with low volatility, where there are more regular payouts but each one is generally smaller. Also featured will be games with high volatility that have fewer regular payouts, but when you are paid you win a big amount at once.

Our Listed Casinos With RTP and Volatility

So, now we know about RTP and volatility, let’s take a look at three top online slot machines for payouts in the UK today…

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is famous for its multi-million pound jackpots

  • Mega Moolah
    88% RTP | High volatility

Mega Moolah is perhaps the most successful online slot machine on the planet. It has created scores of millionaires thanks to its progressive jackpot, and continues to be popular among players the world over. This game has a relatively low RTP but the rewards from a high volatility game justify it. If you’re lucky you could win millions from even a 25p spin on Mega Moolah.

Play Mega Moolah today at All British Casino


Bloodsuckers slot is hugely popular in the UK

  • Bloodsuckers Slot
    98% RTP | Low volatility

At the other end of the spectrum to Mega Moolah is Bloodsuckers. This slot machine throws you into the terrifying castle of the vampires, where you must match up ghoulish symbols in order to win top prizes. The RTP is eye-wateringly high at 98% but the volatility is low. So, you might need to spend a long time in the vampire’s lair here to get your rewards.

Play Bloodsuckers today at Play Jango

Toki Time

The Toki Time slot is one of the best online casino games for players who want high payouts and steady volatility

  • Toki Time
    97.1% RTP | Medium volatility

Striking the right balance between RTP and volatility is important. Most players will fall somewhere in the middle, which is why Toki Time is such a popular game. This Thunderkick game has a x2400 maximum win, so players can be in with a chance of nailing thousands of pounds if they strike lucky.

Play today at All British Casino

So there we have it. Three great online slot games to choose from, all with high payout potential. Remember, jackpot size isn’t always the most important metric to look at/ Frequency of wins and the average return you can expect from a gaming session must be taken into account too.


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