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Digital transactions. Although the norm in this current era, how people manage and spend their money constantly evolves. This includes a plethora of ways to digitally manage finances, whether it is sticking with the traditional forms (debit cards) or embracing modern solutions such as cryptocurrency.

There’s one option that has earned the spotlight as a standout choice: pay by phone. Offering a combination of simplicity and convenience, particularly in an increasingly mobile-centric world – this payment method is an innovative solution that has become a favourite with online casino players.

Experience Seamless Transactions: Introducing Pay by Phone

Pay by phone is a modern payment method that allows consumers to make purchases via their mobile phones. Instead of traditional payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers, where money is transferred from their accounts, mobile transactions are charged directly to the user’s phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance.

This innovative approach simplifies the purchasing process. It also transforms a mobile phone into a convenient, secure payment tool.

Introducing pay by phone

Pay by phone: All you need is a mobile phone and number.

It is popular for small-value purchases like digital content and online subscriptions. Additionally, it’s becoming adopted by more and more gambling platforms, as evidenced by our list of Pay by Mobile Casinos.

Discover how it works in just minutes

You know the pay by mobile method is unique based on how it functions. Yet, how does it work, exactly? Here’s a step-by-step look at the process with mobile casinos using pay by phone:

  1. Select the pay by phone option:

When making a deposit at your chosen casino, choose the ‘pay by phone’ option from the available payment methods.

  1. Enter your phone number:

Provide your mobile phone number on the payment screen.

  1. Confirm the transaction:

You’ll receive an SMS asking to confirm the purchase. Reply or enter a code, as instructed, to confirm.

  1. Getting charged:

The cost of the deposit is either added to your monthly phone bill or deducted from your existing prepaid balance. This is whether you have a mobile phone contract or a pay-as-you-go SIM card.

  1. Completion:

Once confirmed, the transaction is completed. You receive a confirmation message, and the payment reflects on your next phone bill or immediately on your prepaid account. You can now use the deposited money to play your favourite casino games.

When it comes to services that facilitate these transactions, there are two leading services that stand out: Boku and PayForIt.

Pay by phone vs other payment methods

Pay by phone offers a distinctive approach to transactions compared to other payment methods. Here’s how it stands out from the crowd:

1. Convenience

Unlike credit cards or e-wallets, forget about needing to carry physical cards or remember passwords. All you need is a mobile phone and its corresponding number. Even if you can’t remember your number, it’s easy to find on your phone – making it incredibly convenient to purchase through this device.

2. Speed

Transactions are swift with pay by mobile. While this is generally the case with other methods, it only involves a few taps of your phone or an SMS. This is typically faster than credit card or online banking transactions.

3. Security

As phone pay transactions are secured through carrier billing, this delivers an extra layer of protection. Unlike credit card payments or bank transfers, you avoid having to input sensitive financial information online.

4. Accessibility

No bank account or credit history is required here. This makes the method accessible to a wider audience, especially those without traditional banking facilities.

5. Cost

Pay by phone services generally don’t charge extra for usage, whereas credit cards and some e-wallets might have transaction fees or annual charges.

6. Limitations

It’s not all positives. Pay by phone is often capped at smaller transaction limits. This isn’t good if you want to make a large casino deposit. Plus, it’s not as widely accepted as other payment methods like debit cards and PayPal, and you cannot make withdrawals.

Boku and PayForIt: A Detailed Analysis


Boku is the global leader as far as mobile payments are concerned. Renowned for its extensive network, which connects users with merchants worldwide, it integrates mobile carries into the buying process. The result: it simplifies transactions where only a mobile number and SMS confirmation are necessary to complete a transaction.

Boku appeals to a broad user base as it bypasses the requirement for bank accounts or credit card information. Aside from its convenience and the way it functions, this appeal is supported by its safe transaction environment.

Best Boku Mobile Casinos


PayForIt is another pay by mobile method that’s tailored for simplicity. Predominantly used in the UK, it functions much in the same way as Boku. Once you confirm the amount you want to deposit, simply enter your phone number, authorize the payment by SMS, and that’s it – your casino account is credited. Nice and easy.

PayForIt is designed for ease, and eliminates any complicated registration processes. It delivers convenience and user security, making it a suitable alternative to Boku when visiting mobile casinos using pay by phone.

Best PayForIt Mobile Casinos

The following comparison highlights the key similarities between the two:

Feature Boku PayForIt
Payment limits Typically, up to £30 per transaction. Typically, up to £30 per transaction.
Fees No extra charges from Boku. No extra charges from PayForIt.
Availability Global coverage with numerous carriers and merchants. Mainly available in the UK with numerous carriers.
Security features Two-factor authentication, fraud prevention systems Direct carrier billing, minimal personal data sharing

Effortless Payments at Your Fingertips: Fast and Easy

Imagine you intend to visit your favourite mobile casino. Instead of having to whip out your debit card or purchase a prepaid card, all you need is a number – specifically, your mobile number. It’s quick, it’s hassle-free, and it delivers a level of accessibility that other payment methods struggle to match.

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