Here are Six pieces of advice for High-stakes slots players.

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Big-money slots players are always looking for the next strategy or tactic to get profit in a UK online casino. They are willing to take risks with their budgets in order to chase the bigger rewards that come with high-stakes games.

And while many big-money players trigger huge windfalls of cash when they strike lucky playing mobile slots, others make mistakes with their betting that can cost them. Basic errors such as not understanding the game rules, ignoring smarter ways to bet and believing in lucky streaks (sorry reader, the computer algorithm doesn’t do streaks!) can impact on your play.

But if you stay smart and attentive to your games then you can maximise your chances of nailing a mega win.

So what are the best ways to win on slots? Many newcomers will play with small bet amounts, which is smart when you’re learning the ropes. But if you’re a high-roller then you’re likely looking for proper strategies and tips to help you on your way.

Here are six to get you going…

Slots strategies for high rollers to consider

Remember that with all slot machines luck is the biggest driver to success. However, betting bigger does offer you the chance of landing greater rewards, so make sure you set your budget correctly so you can enjoy the games for longer!

  1. Use Big Bet buttons: Many online slot machines have the option to increase your wagers with a ‘Big Bet’ button or something similar. These are great as they are usually a ‘deal’ you strike with the game, whereby you get additional incentives to increase your wagers. Bonuses such as more Wilds, extra features, deleted low-paying symbols and additional paylines can all be found with Big Bet buttons. Of course, make sure your budget stretches to the full amount of the Big Bet, as often you will agree to play 20, 30 or even 40 spins in a row.
  2. Pick a strategy: If you’re a big bettor then you may need a system to keep on top of your strategy. There are many different types of slots strategy out there and one that some players gravitate towards is the Progressive System. Here, you make bet choices depending on your previous wager. So in slots, you may decide to increase your bet by 50% for every non-winning spin, and reduce your bet by the same amount when you do win. The idea is to ‘cover’ your losses with greater bets. It’s risky but high-rollers generally love it, and you can sometimes win a huge payout to end a losing streak.
  3. Avoid max bets: UK slot machines are expected to dramatically reduce their max bet limits soon but that doesn’t mean high-rollers should bet mindlessly in the current system. Betting £100 or £200 on a single spin in just foolish, as you’ll likely blow through your budget in seconds – and where’s the fun in that? Yet you can bet big without going near the max bet. One way is to chase high-odds payouts, so betting on volatile games that offer mega rewards for lucky winners is much more preferable than seeking to flip a £100 spin.
  4. Find best RTP: High-rollers do their research and so should you. RTP stands for Return to Player and calculates how much a player should expect to earn for every £1 they wager on a game. No game is ever more than 100% RTP as the online casino would then be guaranteed to lose money. But you can find online slot machines with RTPs as high as 98% and 99%. So, make sure you shop around and unearth a high RTP game that can help you make a profit on the casino.
  5. Read the pay-table: It may sound simple but many players forget or don’t bother to read the pay-table of their chosen online slot. It means they go into the game blind, not knowing how it works. Reading the paytable will help you calculate the risk required to trigger the bigger wins. You can also get instructions on how to play slots bonus rounds, what Wilds and Scatters to look out for, and which are the highest-paying symbols. This can be crucial if, for example, you have a nudge situation where you can choose between two symbol wins. The paytable will tell you which one to go for!
  6. Target progressive jackpots: Many top casinos feature progressive jackpots on their most popular slots games and this is where big-money players can claim mega rewards. Millionaires are made from progressive jackpots, which take a tiny slice of every bet made on the game and adds it to the pile. When the jackpot is triggered, the lucky winner takes the lot! Some progressive jackpots start from as high as £200,000 and can rise into the millions. So be sure to look out for these games and bet at a reasonably high level to ensure you’re chasing the biggest reward.

Now you know about some of the ways to target big-money wins, why not check out our listed online casinos currently available to UK players today?

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