Stay Safe When Gambling on a Mobile Phone Casino

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Staying safe at a mobile phonecasino

Huge numbers of people now choose to gamble online using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device. While we would encourage everyone to use their smartphone or tablet to play online casino games, we also want you to stay safe, which is why we’ve created this guide to staying safe while playing at online casinos.

So, before you get out your tablet or smartphone to play one of the many great casino games on offer through mobile, take a quick look through this page first – it could tell you some really important information!

Only Play at UKGC-Regulated Sites

Perhaps the most important thing to do when gambling – both online and on a mobile – is to check if the site is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Sites regulated by this government organization are constantly monitored, to ensure that they look after your money properly, and that they always offer fair and honest games. So, if you see the UKGC logo, you can be sure that a site is a trustworthy one.

Check the Random Number Generator

The other thing to look for at the bottom of the homepage is a logo from an independent auditing company, and the biggest of these is eCOGRA. They concern themselves with many things, but perhaps the most important is this: they test the random number generators at websites, to ensure that they really are random. So, if a site has the eCOGRA logo (or the logo from a similar organization), you can be guaranteed a completely fair game.

Enter Details on Trusted Connections

The beauty of playing with a mobile is that you can gamble pretty much everywhere, thanks to the many Wi-Fi connections throughout the country, as well as the numerous 4G hotspots. We would urge you to only ever input your details when using a connection you trust though, to ensure important information, such as your banking details, don’t fall into the wrong hands. It is safe to play the casino games on pretty much all connections though.

Don’t Save Your Passwords

If you gamble at an online casino using a desktop, you probably get your browser to save your username and password. By doing so, you can jump online and start gambling as quickly as possible. There’s more chance of losing a smartphone or tablet though, and you don’t want to allow the person coming into possession of your device to be able to access your account. So, don’t save your username and password when gambling using a mobile.

So, regardless of which casino you choose – including casinos on our list of the best casino websites – make sure you always think about your safety and security. Just a few little considerations will ensure that you’ll always be able to gamble with confidence.

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