What to know about Boku payment options in UK?

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Boku is an official Payforit intermediary or service provider and it the company that lets you use your mobile phone to buy goods or services online, and the amount you have spent with either be deducted from your Pay-as-you-Go account or added onto your monthly contract bill.

Rather like an ewallet, Boku processes transactions from your phone cred to say your Boku mobile casino. Boku is a free service to its customers and makes its money taking a cut of what has been spent from where you purchase from.

Take the best online casino again. Say you decide to deposit £10 into your personal account to play on your favourite Marvel Slots, then Boku will receive a cut from the casino meaning that if you deposit £10, then £10 is what you will get.

In fact, Boku is a great option for mobile casinos as well as other sellers as the company does all of the hard work like partnering with mobile network providers, and developing the payment processes. Boku also makes sure all security measures are in place to protect payments so that players know when using this banking option that they are totally safe doing so.

But online casinos are not the only place where Boku is both recognised and accepted ass there is a broad range of companies like Spotify, Facebook, Song and live casinos online that accept this payment method.

*One thing to take into consideration is due to EU laws, paying by mobile is restricted to digital products, not physical ones, and this law applies to mobile payments in any form.

Anyone can use Boku if they have a mobile phone or computer or table or any other internet connected device, and this includes your smart TV and games consoles to as these can be connected via WiFi or mobile data connection.

You can even begin the payment on one device and finish it on another as it is your credit that is being charged, meaning that any device with a phone number and which has credit on it can be used to deposit.

Any UK mobile number can be used as Boku is in partnership with all the major UK network operators as well as over 300 other operators based in numerous other countries.

Using the system is easy too, as there is no point having a long-winded operation that would put potential customers off.

Offering a 1-Tap payment process all that is required to make at deposit at your casino (as an example) is to choose the ‘Pay by Mobile‘ banking option.

Then at the deposit screen you will need to select ‘Pay by Mobile’ as your deposit method, you will then be taken through to Boku’s payment panel. Here you will be asked to confirm the amount on-screen, and then you will need to enter your phone number.

After that you will get a SMS whish asks you to authenticate the payment (this is for security reasons.) All you need to do is reply Y by text message, there will be no charge for this, and then it’s done! You can now start playing as the payment will be put into your account immediately.

Your charges with either be deducted from your Pay-as-you-Go balance or charged to your monthly bill.

Receipts for any purchase go to your mobile via a text message when your payment goes through, and there is also a customer service number in with the message if you need to speak to someone.

With no bank require, and no registration it’s no wonder that Boku is the favoured choice for many when buying digital online services.

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