How the Casino Gaming Industry Influenced Mobile Gamblers?

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In 2025 the number of smartphone users in the UK will reach 65 million. That’s a lot of smartphones, a lot of apps and a lot of connectivity. And so it’s no wonder mobile casinos are investing more in their games than ever before.

The online casino community is growing at a rapid rate. Smartphones can capable of processing unimaginable amounts of data at once, and help transform our entertainment experience in the palm of our hands.

For sites, smartphone technology is the most important aspect of their customer-facing product. Without a casino app, a site cannot expect to regain the ground lost to app-based in a hurry.

In fact, nearly 40% of all gambling activity takes place on phones and computers – and of that, a large majority in the form of phone apps.

But with the cost of apps spiralling into the millions of pounds, building a safe, reliable and legal platform that takes a site to the next level isn’t a decision that’s made lightly.

Here at TMC, for example, our reviewers look not only at each of the top-rated live sites on desktop, but also look at how their phone platforms and apps perform. By doing this, we can get a better overview of what an internet casino can offer its customers.


Mobile Casino Gambling

Casino sites need to offer much more these days, including player interaction

And top of the list of innovations and improvements a casino can make is boosting their phone offering to players. Here’s why…


Why Games are King

The best sites know the value of casino games. They’re hugely important not only to the financial success of a site, but also its reputation.

Get gambling games wrong and a site can be in all sorts of trouble. Players will immediately switch off, withdraw their funds and play games elsewhere.

There are currently more than 100 apps available to download. The majority are optimised to play gambling games whenever a player wants, by tweaking the software so that the game fits the right screen, doesn’t glitch, and replicates the desktop experience.

Over the past decade the boom in apps has transformed the UK industry. But in order to create a successful, long-lasting and profitable site, developers must:

  • Reformat or redesign an entire site for mobile optimisation
  • Source games that work smoothly on smartphone devices
  • Ensure safety and security is continuously up to date
  • Manage the transition of profiles from selection of the best online casinos to app
  • Create customer service models that work actually work
  • Utilise security technology – such as facial recognition – to better improve the experience

Within the past few years new online casinos have stayed faithful to casino gaming and it’s beginning to pay off for them. The cost of setting up an app or recalibrating a desktop site for mobile is proving to be worth it.

What the4 Gambling Industry Looks Like Today

Casinos are now so easy to come by many players need top-rated reviews like the ones provided by TMC just to sift through them all.

And over the years customer preferences have changed. For so long there was a focus on casinos boasting the biggest jackpots and highest RTPs being the big winners. If you didn’t have mega jackpots, you weren’t going to attract players.

But recently customer habits have changed, and the industry is taking note. These days players take into account far more factors than simply the headline jackpot figure. A good site must now consider:

  • Total phone  adaptability and flexibility
  • Eradicating even minor glitches
  • Expanding games suites to +1000 if possible
  • Delivering a fun, competent live experience
  • Providing live chat features with customer service
  • Offering a customer hang-out zone where players can interact
  • Ensuring player welfare and account safety is at its maximum
  • Delivering regular offers for new and current players
  • Ensuring the brand avoids PR disasters

Keeping customers happy is key. The UK has roughly 40 million online players but most of them aren’t regular gamers. In fact, very few come back to a casino over a prolonged period of time.

Loyalty schemes, slick apps and additional features all try to address this. But right now the industry has not cracked the true code to maintaining loyal players who don’t fall into the traps of addiction.

Future of Gambling Using Smartphones

In an ideal world, the future of gambling gaming would be a harmonious place, where players bet within their limits, socialise online and stand a chance of winning a fortune. This is a utopia that internet casinos are working towards, and many have pledged to cut their revenues from problem gaming to zero this decade.

To do this they need investment, and that could come from developments in iGaming and the metaverse. We’re already seeing in America how big tech companies are pouring cash into new tech, with the hope that gaming and gambling follows suit.

Internet casinos could well enter the same spheres as video game producers and create a much wider social presence within their apps. We see this with online poker players creating avatars of themselves online – and this could well soon happen with roulette, blackjack and slots players too.

Additional innovations are coming fast. This includes:

  • Deeper security measures
  • Crypto
  • Virtual Reality and metaverse gambling
  • Smartwatch betting
  • Cloud services

All this, of course, costs money. And at the same time casinos need to be aware of the influence they may have over susceptible players. It means that the bigger the industry gets, the greater its reputation, and the more responsibility it has.

Unlike land-based and betting shops that have been around, hidden behind frosted glass and screens, for decades, internet casinos are out in the open. They’re on social media and in the news. And with that comes added pressures to perfect games, ensure player safety, and deliver entertainment to everyone.

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