Best UK Casino Bonus Offers

The mobile casino market is expanding rapidly and the comforts increase with the ease of play. These casinos act as a ‘move – along’ entertainment system for the people. Since people carry their mobile phones at all times, these are accessible absolutely anywhere and anytime.

There are various kinds of online casino bonus deals that are provided by the numerous sites to attract new customers to their websites and at the same time to retain the old customers. These could be free spins offered on specific slot games or match-up deposits that provide you with an equivalent amount of bonus to the amount that you are depositing. Here we list all kinds of such bonuses are offered in both offline as well as online casinos today. There is a set of terms and conditions to avail each such bonuses. It is very important to study these conditions clearly so that you know what to expect.

Types of Online Casino Bonus

    1. Welcome Bonus: There is quite a competition in the online casino market to attract customers. Online casinos do their best to attract new customers to increase their customer base and hence earn profits out of them. Therefore, they offer several kinds of Welcome bonuses to the players so that players are given a bonus to play in their casinos. The welcome bonus is the most common bonus offered. The most popular welcome bonus is the no deposit bonus. We will explore details about it in the next point.
    1. Subsequent bonuses: Some casinos also offer a subsequent bonus on the first deposit, second, and the third deposits made. This is again to make the player stay in the game he/she is playing. On the first deposit, the casinos usually provide a 100% deposit match up casino bonus, on the second deposit a 50% deposit match bonus, on the third deposit, a 25% deposit match bonus. The percentage of the very first deposit is kept the highest since the first deposit should be made as attractive as possible to act as a bait for the players to start playing. There are varied wagering requirements associated with these bonuses which should be checked in detail before making the deposits. Wagering requirements or the pre-set conditions are often mandatory to be fulfilled once a certain bonus has been earned. Moreover, some casinos require the users to do a minimum deposit before they can take advantage of the welcome bonus they are offering.
    1. No deposit bonus: The No deposit bonus is usually a small amount of £5 or £10 that is provided to the new users when they register on the casino website. For availing it, the customers need not deposit any amount with the casino at all. Moreover, they can use it to play almost any game on that particular online casino. This is obviously done to encourage the players to try a game or two as soon as they enter the website. But the casinos usually associate very high wagering requirements with this kind of bonus. It is because this free deposit can be easily abused by the players by creating new user accounts. People tend to make multiple accounts with different ids and use the free bonus and then re-play with signing up as different users and as a result, the casinos earn nothing out of it.
    1. Loyalty bonus: To retain their customers, the casinos offer a loyalty bonus for monthly deposits done at their casino. Some might offer these publicly while others may offer it via email. These bonuses vary according to the deposits that you make per month and accordingly you may enjoy bonuses to the tune of £200. So, it is beneficial to players so they stick to a particular casino while playing and, at the same time casinos have fixed customers.
    1. High Roller bonuses: The casinos might publicly or via email offer bonuses to the high rollers i.e. the players who play a lot by depositing a lot of money. Thus, they encourage players to deposit big in their casino accounts which ensure they will play with that money. These bonuses might be more than 100% deposit match up to a certain amount. Some casinos even offer expensive gifts like paid vacation and other such perks to its high roller players.
  1. Refer a friend bonus: Some casinos offer some points if the referred friend’s deposit is up to £100, this way they encourage more players towards their casinos. Moreover, the players have a fun time if they go to live casinos and earn a bonus at the same time. This bonus, however, is not very popular among casinos.

What is a free spins bonus?

Many casinos, other than providing the above-mentioned bonus also offer free spins to play on specific slot games. This is another way to reward players and indulge them in playing as there is no cost associated with free spins. You can play them with the same initial bet amount. These are offered in two ways

    1. Earn free spins with deposit- Here you need to deposit an initial sum and certain free spins are up for offer free on individual slots. It is a real treat to enjoy some bonus with these free spins. However, you have to watch out for the associated terms and conditions.
  1. Free spins without any deposit- Here you need not deposit anything, these are offered in case the casino is running certain promotional offers or where free spins feature is inbuilt in the slot gameplay. These bonuses are the best way to win and earn free money but it also comes with its own caveats.

All about the deposit bonus

There is a deposit bonus which the player earns for free. It is a form of a welcome bonus. It is a percentage of the total amount transferred to the casino account or in other words, it is a percentage of the deposit made. For example, you deposit £150 and there is 50% matchup up to £50, then you only get an additional £50 in your casino account. Mostly, these matchup bonuses have an upper limit, so you cannot keep depositing and grabbing the bonus every time you deposit. It is a one-time bonus.

Normally, a deposit bonus of 100% is provided to the player but there is a maximum ceiling on this amount. So, it is not like that you keep on depositing the amount into the account and you keep on earning deposit bonus as a percentage of it.

This ‘match up bonus’ is automatically added to your account once you make the deposit into your account based on the said percentage. This is provided for both attracting new players to the casino industry as well as make depositing lucrative for existing players. This deposit bonus and the associated wagering requirements vary from casino to casino. Every bonus certainly comes with a particular wagering requirement of a sort.

Some casinos keep this bonus amount aside of the cash funds which you have actually deposited in the account. In some casinos, the amount will just be added to the main balance and you can play with that amount as normally as you would play with real cash.

Terms and conditions for the casino bonus

The terms and conditions are often what every player needs to strictly watch out for. The reason is that the rules for any type of free bonus provided are fixed to ensure maximum advantage to the casino. Like the famous quote says, ‘There is no free lunch’, here too, you need to be careful of whether you want to make that next bet or not! Here are some pointers that you can consider while making bets or before depositing in your casino account. It ensures you can take home a decent earning back into your bank account.

  • There is a minimum deposit needed to claim a deposit match up bonus.
  • You might require putting in the bonus code while depositing in order to receive the bonus you have earned. It is through this code that the amount is being credited to the account, every bonus code is unique. These are available on-site and through various marketing campaigns.
  • You will have to complete wagering requirements when you receive the matchup bonus against the deposit made by you before you can encash anything out of your win bonus from whatever winnings you have made till then.
  • Once the bonus is activated and obtained, you are required to complete the wagering requirements within a specific period of time. If the wagering requirements are not met within that period, all the winnings earned out of bonus expire.
  • You can claim only one bonus at a time. If a bonus has been triggered, you need to complete the wagering for that before you become eligible for any other bonus. If you want to play some other game without meeting the wagering, you will have to discard the bonus earned in the first game.
  • If you earn the same bonus code twice, the code can be normally used only once if there are no specific rules being stated.
  • The conditions for wagering requirements may vary from one game to the other. These also vary according to the kind of bonus availed by you.
  • There might be a maximum bet that can be placed in an active bonus. It includes the wagers placed through the Gamble feature which is played after the main game. Players who do not wager for earnings in the gamble feature, end up losing their accumulated bonuses out of these.
  • Games which contribute zero percentage towards wagering contribution cannot be played unless wagering requirements are complete. You cannot even use real money to receive a bonus in those games.
  • Once the bonus is wagered, all the winnings from either free spins or bonus initiated with bonus funds are usually removed.
  • Bonuses on all games are accounted to one per person, and per one IP unless otherwise specified.
  • Players who keep multiple accounts have to discard all bonuses and they cannot withdraw them from any such new account.
  • Players who keep on adopting a low-risk betting strategy and has to meet wagering requirements might have to void their bonus and winnings. They could also be disregarded from receiving future bonuses. The decision usually lies with the particular casino management.
  • Free spins winnings also carry certain wagering requirements
  • In order to qualify for free spins winnings, you must open the relevant game and play it within a stipulated period.

Thus, players should properly adhere to these terms and conditions before playing with any fresh real money. If not done, you might end up losing all your winnings in addition to the casino bonus amount earned.