What do ‘Free Spins’ mean?

If you want to try your hand at a new casino site or a promising new game you can use spin bonuses. They allow you to try your luck without putting in your hard-earned money. You must claim them without an inch of doubt. A little extra free deal can add up to a big win. It is a real money win for little or no investment.

But you must be on the lookout for the right package. A signup bonus can include spins for free as well as some no deposit bonus.  And when you go a step ahead and make a deposit there may be a further first deposit, second deposit and third deposit bonuses waiting for. Each one may be coupled with more bonus spins. Idea is to lay your hands on the best deal for free slot gameplay.

Remember, more spins mean a greater probability of winning. So be greedy for more. Don’t settle for 10 spins if you can get 15. But spin bonuses may be difficult to come by. We scout many new desktop and mobile casinos to find the best bonus deals for you. You must check our list to make sure you have the best deal on hand.

How do ‘Free Spins’ work?

It is a commonly used terminology to lure new players. It requires newbies to fill in a simple registration form to create an account. That’s it! They can then claim their spins and start playing. They are not required to credit a single penny in their account. When you are looking for a new casino, be on the lookout for such bonuses. They take the risk away and let you test the waters for free.

But there are different kinds of bonus spins. No deposit bonus spins are the most common type and those apply no conditions for starting off. You are not required to link your bank account or make any transfers. You can simply register and claim your bonus spins. Some casinos are so generous they give 25 or even 50 spins instantly as you make your new account.

How Are Free Spins Different From Other Casino Bonuses?

Free Spins: More often than not, casinos announce such offers. It is because the players see value in it and the casinos get signs up for new mobile slots. Casino homepages often highlight such lucrative deals right up. They are part of the signup bonus which usually does not require any deposit on joining. You are allowed to use your free swirls on specific mobile slots. If you win even during a free spin round, your account is credited. The withdrawal may have conditions but that should not keep you from availing this wonderful opportunity.

Free Money Bonus: The phrase is self-explanatory. You basically get some free credit in your account with some wagering conditions. So you can choose any game and use the free money to roll or spin. If you win, the money is yours. But you need to wager a certain number of times before you can take your wins home. The offer would read something like this – £15 free bonus with 30x wager requirement.

Free Play Bonus: Unlike the other bonuses which are to lure newbies, this bonus attracts veterans too. The player is given a big sum such as £1000 or even more to splurge on a game of his choice. He can use it on multiple mobile slots as well. There is a time limit within which the bonus has to be utilised. And there is wagering pre-condition. The player needs to keep rolling the money to clear the condition. If he does that, he can take his wins after the time is up. Since it is a big deal, the casino likes to limit their loss. So they put withdrawal limits on such bonuses. So, even if the winner is entitled to £4000 he may be allowed to take home only £50. The idea behind this offer is to get the player to indulge in real gambling for a lot of money and see what he can win potentially.

Can anyone claim Free Spin bonuses?

In most cases, there are no eligibility criteria. But it is important to be sure. You may find the country or time restrictions. The offer may be valid for only specific dates. Besides, certain nationalities may be barred from claiming it. Some casino offers are available only for specific site users or readers. Our review pages give a lot of free spin offer links. It is important to click on those links to claim your spins. Sometimes on clicking the click, you will be given bonus codes which you need to punch in for claiming your spins. It is just a little effort for a lot of freebies that can give real money wins.

Are there restrictions?

Bonus spins come with their share of terms and conditions which are mentioned in the fine print. It is important to check the specific mobile slots you can claim the spins for. Sometimes, you are allowed to use them in any game. Free spins can come with any expiry date. They are usually active only for 7 days. So you need to claim them before they disappear from your account. Besides, if you win while playing for free, your wins get credited to your account but your withdrawal is conditional in most cases. You will have to fulfil the wagering requirements to take your wins home. Very few casinos are generous enough to have no binding conditions. It is important to make an informed decision after reading the promotion terms in full.

Do mobile and desktop free spins mean the same? 

There is no real difference in the way you claim it or in the way you withdraw it. The terms and conditions are usually the same. The only difference, as the name suggests, lies in the device you use for signing up and playing thereafter.

Do I have to make a real money deposit to claim  ‘free bonus spins’?

Such bonuses are usually categorised as No Deposit deals or With Deposit deals. If it is a no deposit free spins deal, you can claim them straight away. If it comes with a deposit condition, you will have to make a transfer. Usually, it requires you to put in only £5 or £10. Depending on the type you sign up for, you may be required to make a deposit. It is important to check the asterisk before claiming either of them.

Free spins are offered on which mobile slots?

Free spin can be given as blanket deals applicable on every game or there can be restrictions. If a casino wants to promote a new game, it may give free spin only on that game. Or if a casino wants to further expand the fan base of popular mobile slots like Starburst, they may offer freebies on them. The game list is usually specified in the offer terms. It is important to check the list before registering.

Best Free Spin Deals 2017

We take the trouble of going through every deal and the fine print that goes along. We review each one to ensure you get the best offer without any withdrawal restrictions. The best free spin deals of 2017 are list right here. Even new casinos are covered and our list is refreshed every now and then. After all, we want our readers to get the best there is.

There are innumerable casino review sites who give out information on bonuses but we go a step further to ensure our list is updated from time to time. Casinos often change their offers depending on the response they get and we keep in touch with them to get the latest deals. However, we cover a vast section of online casinos and we might miss out sometimes. You are advised to double-check at the time of sign up.

Special Free Spin Deals Only For You

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