What is Mobile Roulette?

There are three most common variants of mobile Roulette. They are – the American Roulette, the French Roulette, and the European Roulette. Each of these three games is slightly different from one another, however, the betting rules and strategies remain the same. American Roulette has 0 and 00 while the other two have just a 0. That does not make much difference to the players.  Though the house edges vary to a small extent. You will also find the single ball, as well as double ball Roulette games. The double ball ones, really offer a better chance of winning in each round. Since a double ball Roulette has two balls, you will be able to bet two different numbers at the same time. The catch here is that the stakes are lower than a single ball Roulette. After all, dual betting will have split stake wins. Some games are designed to look attractive and even offer additional side betting features to enhance your winning probability. You can review those games to see the kind of features and bets they offer. The betting limits may vary from one developer to another.

How Do Roulette Sites Work in Mobile?

A Roulette game for a mobile interface is designed in such a way that it automatically detects your device’s OS and the screen size. That way you can enjoy a full view of the Roulette table. Some online casino sites offer an option to download the mobile app for easy and instant access to your favourite Roulette game. Without an app, you will have to open your mobile’s browser, type in the website address and enter credentials to log in. But an app can directly let you play the game, check your scores and view a host of other statistics. You can even check your account balance, top up the funds and withdraw through secured payment gateways. Make sure to check which top UK online casinos offer mobile roulette games as not all may be compatible with your mobile device.

How Does Live Mobile Roulette Game Work?

This is the best version of mobile Roulette online. It comes with a live dealer facing a webcam to assist you throughout your game session. The live Roulette game usually runs in a studio with real Roulette wheel and hence it is ideal for people who prefer playing in real casinos. You can chat with the dealer and ask queries or questions about the game. The dealers in these games are actual professionals trained at casinos to run the game for you, so the game experience is very real.

Why Do You See Limitations Based on Mobile Devices or OS?

There are many different variants and versions of mobile Roulette games developed by different companies and each of them is built using different platforms and software. Some are very simple with low graphics quality and do not require much from mobile hardware, so these games run on all devices. Games with a high quality of graphics and performance require a device with a good memory and processing speed. Such heavy games do not perform well on lower-end mobile phones. To avoid such problems developers identify devices on which casino games perform the best and therefore allow downloads only on compatible devices. Some websites allow you to play even if your device configuration is low but ultimately results in poor performance. The game might freeze or run into unwanted problems. You do not want your Roulette game to freeze in the middle of a high winning bet; it can be frustrating especially when you are playing for real money. So it is better to look for websites that check the compatibility of your phone and notify you if your device is not supported.

What is the difference between Desktop and Mobile Phone Roulette versions?

The key difference between the two versions is that a desktop is stationary and can be played only at the designated place, while a mobile phone Roulette can be played on the go. The desktop offers a larger screen view and that is a big advantage for some players. Mobile phones allow you to play from anywhere, even while you are travelling on a train or bus. It just requires data connectivity on your phone. Playing on the touch screen using your finger is easier than handling a mouse. Desktop users have to turn on the PC and wait until it boots but mobile is always in ‘ON’ mode and you can start the game instantly. A desktop screen is usually visible to a large area and people passing by can watch you play. It can be a distraction too. But playing Roulette on a mobile device offers complete privacy. Besides some of these obvious differences, nothing much changes. The game and its rules remain the same. On mobile, you might have to get used to the swipes and touch functions. And the technical compatibility might change too. But you can enjoy Roulette on both, desktop and mobile equally well.

How Safe is it to Play Roulette on Mobile Phones?

There are several casino websites where you can play Roulette using your mobile browser or via their apps. When you place a bet using the real money it is obvious that you expect the site to be safe and secured. Mobile versions are usually as safe as their desktop counterparts. To ensure your money is in safe hands, it is always better to check the site’s authenticity. Genuine mobile casinos usually display their license number and registration code with gambling commission. Alternatively, you can look for reviews of the mobile app here to know from the experience of existing users. Also, you need to be familiar with payments methods such as VISA, SKRILL, NETELLER, Mastercard, etc as these gateways ensure secured transactions. So, if the website is offering one of these then you can easily trust the site for playing mobile Roulette.

What are the Deposit and Payment Methods at Mobile Roulette Sites?

Most of these mobile Roulette based casino websites allow you to make a deposit using your credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal and other secured modes. Few websites allow you to make the deposit using your mobile phone either from your prepaid talk time balance or from postpaid billing systems. Service providers usually allow this kind of transaction these days, however, there will be a limitation on the amount you can deposit per day. Many service providers allow £10 to £25 per day from your mobile bill depending on your plan. So, there are no hassles of using lengthy information of credit cards to add funds, just use a mobile phone and top up your casino account with a single tap.

Try Mobile Casino Roulette Now: Overall, playing mobile Roulette from phones and other mobile devices makes your life easy, especially when you are a frequent traveller and do not want to lose hang of your favourite Roulette game. Whether you are an Android user, iPhone user or iPad user, you can spin the wheel on the go.