Healthy Competition Between Old & New Casinos

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it wouldn’t be very often that you would see the launch of a new casino site. In 2020, it’s happening on a weekly basis and we love it. With all of this competition among operators, it not only raises the bar for everyone, but increases accountability. When there are a bunch of new operators offering tremendous mobile experiences with top games from companies like Microgaming and Playtech, it forces the old dogs to stay on top of their game too.

At then end of the day, this is great for players in the UK because everyone has to work hard to provide the best experience possible. But, as we mentioned above, there are also shady outfits out there. That’s where our team comes in. When one of these new sites launches, we’re making sure that:

  • Welcome offers and bonuses are as advertised
  • The casino games offerings are strong
  • The site is licensed by a reputable body
  • Banking options are ideal for players in the UK

…and of course that the site is mobile friendly. After all, it’s in our name!

So Why Switch to a New Casino Site in the UK?

There are lots of reasons to consider trying one out or making the switch from your favourite operator. Perhaps the biggest reason though is to get a shot at the biggest bonuses possible. With every new site comes an opportunity for a welcome bonus or package.

At any of these new casino sites, once you’ve claimed your welcome bonus, it’s their goal to keep you playing there. In order to entice you, you’ll see offerings like:

  • Free spins on your favourite slots
  • Brand new slots from industry leading developers
  • Unique live casino experiences
  • Special VIP rewards programs

Our team checks to make sure all of these aspects are safe and legit so that all you need to do is enjoy them. So why not switch to a new casino site? If the site is reputable and gives you the opportunity to claim some wild bonuses, try new games and join VIP program, it may be worth giving it a go.

These new casinos keep the industry on its collective toes, which means a better gaming experience for you.

Newest Trends

Mobile Casinos

As many players are losing interest in playing the same games on legacy platforms, the need for more innovative, user-friendly products continues to grow. Mobile casinos are filling the experience gap by morphing into a new hub for online gambling, due to their ease of use and unique configuration. The mobile user interface is still a relatively new opportunity in the gambling world, and developers are always discovering fresh ways to innovate on the small screen. In addition, many players are choosing to opt for platforms that have their own mobile apps over ones that don’t, because of their usability anywhere or at any time. Whether you’re at home, you’re coming home from work, or you’re on your lunch break, your next big gaming obsession will likely happen on your smartphone.

Voice Recognition Games

Although this trend is still far from its peak in terms of popularity, voice recognition technology is proving to be one of the most significant new frontiers of the gaming universe. First adopted by gambling behemoth Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, their success has pushed gambling platforms to hop on the bandwagon. Wild Tornado was the first online platform to add voice-controlled games in 2018; players could control their gaming experience entirely through voice commands. Unibet also tested a voice-activated bet feature in 2016, but it didn’t remain on the platform beyond its trial period. There’s no doubt that many competing platforms will try to leverage this technology to gain a competitive advantage in the 2020s, so keep an eye out for any of your favourite casinos launching new features around it.

Virtual Reality Gaming

There is no shortage of augmented reality or virtual reality products on the market, and it continues to offer a unique gaming experience for players of all stripes. The immersive, 360-degree element of these games is unlike anything else you’re used to playing, and titles like Starburst, and Jack and the Beanstalk do a fantastic job of using this cutting-edge technology effectively. Developers are also using AR and VR technology to revamp old classics like roulette, blackjack, and slot-based games to create an engaging, high-touch environment they can interact with. Be aware: you do not need a headset, goggles, or any other accessory to play AR or VR games – all you need is a computer or a mobile phone!

Live Dealer Games

In the wake of widespread shutdowns across the UK, many gamers are looking for convenience-oriented digital platforms that still offer the authentic environment of traditional casinos. This need is being met with the rise of the live dealer movement, where professional croupiers control the flow of various online card games to enhance the digital experience. Players can interact with the dealers as they interact with the cards and table through a video stream, with many different choices made available based on language, promotion, or preferred game. With more gambling aficionados being forced to work and play at home for the immediate future, this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

New Payment Methods

Due to the UK Gambling Commission banning credit cards as a form of payment for online gaming, the stage has been set for cryptocurrency and other forms of decentralized digital payment to serve as a default format in the next decade.

Many players lean towards platforms that offer an eWallet that allows them to link multiple online payment methods to accelerate payout and deposit processing times. Visa and Mastercard are often used as a default payment option, but platforms like Paypal and Paysafecard are perfect examples of secondary platforms that should be used as a backup to your debit card or bitcoin account. Cashless gaming is growing, as evidenced by the number of new online payment systems that pop up every year, and as such, your ability to deposit your winnings will continue to simplify.

FAQ’s About New Casino Sites

Are New Casinos Safe?

If we have recommended them, then yes! Any new casino you visit should take player safety and security very seriously. You can also make sure that a new casino is safe by checking to see that it is licensed. Any legitimate casino has to go through strict licensing procedures.

How do I find out if a new casino is licensed?

Players will be able to see what license is held in the ‘About Us’ page, and can also look out for the logos at the bottom of the home page, and if you are still not convinced about the authenticity of the new site then you can visit the authorities website and search for the license. If it turns out that it is NOT publicly listed then we would recommend you give that particular site a wide berth.

Checking that a casino is licensed and registered is a given, but also make sure that any new site holds a license from the Isle of Man, Alderney and Gibraltar Gaming Commissions, or the UK Gambling Commission.

Sites that are licensed by any of the above Commission will have gone through the most rigorous tests in order to gain their license and will have to adhere to all of the rules and regulations set out by the relevant Commissions.

Are all new casino sites mobile friendly?

No, but any casino that we recommend, new or old, is definitely mobile friendly. Check out our reviews of various operators to see which ones offer the best mobile experience, which ones offer their full games library and which ones allow for mobile banking.