Latest News from the Online Casino World

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Latest news from the online casino world

For those that live in the UK and are interested in the gambling industry you may be away that the industry has a whole has been under a great deal of pressure from the regulators and politicians.

This is because both the politicians and the regulators want the gambling industry to make some major changes to it operators, and this past year we have seen plenty of campaigns and initiatives towards establishing a much stricter regulatory framework which may have a negative impact on both bricks and mortar venues as well as online casinos.

Hopefully if you enjoy playing on some of the best rated casino sites you should not be impacted much, but there are definitely some aspects that will get impacted.

Firstly, online casinos have been instructed to get rid of any advertising material that may appeal to children below the legal gambling age like the use of famous children’s characters on promotional materials (for example Little Red Riding Hood).

Online gambling affiliates have also come under fire and have been instructed to act more responsibly, offer appropriate warnings to potential players as well as providing links to responsible gambling resources on their webpages. Fines can be levied on those online casinos that accept traffic from affiliate portals that do not adhere to the guidelines which have been set out.

On a plus point, a good quality affiliate website can take a great deal of the hard work out of choosing a high-end online casino, especially if you are new to online casinos. These sites act in the same way as any other comparison site does by testing the casinos and rating them on various important points like games choice, customer quality, banking options, and licensing.

This means it takes less time to find an online casino to suit each individual’s needs, which is great as the whole activity is supposed to be fun and not something that takes forever to find.

But is isn’t only the online casinos that the regulators are reviewing as those establishments that host FOBT’s are being closely looked at.

In fact, the maximum permitted stake at these off-line shop terminals is being reduced. At present the maximum stake is £100, and there is talk of it being reduced as low as £2 which could mean that there is going to be a lot of people losing their jobs.

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