What Atari’s Bitcoin Casino Means for UK Players

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A new cryptocurrency casino that uses Bitcoin as a gambling currency could open the door for improved entertainment options for UK players in the future.

Game developer Atari is set to launch a cryptocurrency casino where players can win coins through skill, rather than pure luck.

The Atari Casino is to be built in ‘Vegas City’, part of a virtual world developed by Decentral Games. And the launch will grant players access not only to classic Atari games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders – but it will also give them the chance to win Bitcoin.

How Bitcoin casinos work

Bitcoin casinos work much like any normal online casino. Players who sign up for a cryptocurrency casino account make an initial deposit in that cryptocurrency and bet with it. If they win big, they can withdraw greater amounts of cryptocurrency than their initial deposit – just like a cash-based casino system.

What makes casinos such as those that operate on Bitcoin different from cash-based casinos is the newness of the technology. It is only recently that cryptocurrencies have truly made an impact in the online gambling and gaming world – and that impact is set to grow year-on-year.

What’s great about cryptocurrency casinos is often the bottom line for those casinos isn’t impacted by banking fees, which means it’s cheaper to run the casino. Operators in turn pass those profit margins back to the customer, earning you better average payouts at a Bitcoin casino compared to a cash-based online casino.

What Bitcoin casinos mean for the online gambling industry

There remains skepticism among some online casino operators as to the durability of Bitcoin casinos but there is clear evidence that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. After all, highstreet casinos were at first skeptical about the longevity of online casinos, and look what happened there!

There are two paths in which Bitcoin casinos could take as they muscle into the online casino world. The first is that new cryptocurrency operators launch solely for currencies such as Bitcoin and forget about financial currencies like USD, £ and €. This would form a new genre of online gambling that national authorities would potentially have to regulate differently.

The other path is for existing casinos to offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment method, alongside cash payments and balance transfers. Already UK casinos provide players with options such as bank transfers, card payments and eWallet transactions – and so the move into cryptocurrencies wouldn’t be too surprising.

Where the UK stands on cryptocurrency casinos

The UK Gambling Commission has been quick to establish guidelines for casino operators wishing to launch cryptocurrency casinos or payment methods. They have urged operators to be licensed under their remit in order to adhere to the latest UK legislation around gambling. This is a good thing for casino players as it is imperative your chosen casino is regulated by a national authority, wherever you are in the world.

As far as the UK is concerned cryptocurrencies can be used as a method for gambling just like cash. The only major difference is for the players, who avoid things like bank fees and can bet with more privacy by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The UKGC does advise players to read up on cryptocurrencies before opening accounts. After all, cryptocurrencies operate outside of individual national legislations, which can make them less secure than cash unless you use a trusted provider.

Play classic casino games

Atari games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders are timeless classics, and the opportunity to bet on these games and win Bitcoin with a pint of skill is certainly something that will attract players for years to come.

While we wait for the Atari Casino to launch, there are hundreds of online casinos where you can play classic games just like them today! Here are three family games we know you’ll love to play…

Monopoly Live – Luckland

If you enjoy playing the ultimate family board game Monopoly at Christmas then you’ll love Monopoly Live at Luckland Casino! Enter the world of Rich Uncle Pennybags and test your luck around the Monopoly board in this exciting game that features plenty of prizes. The base game of Monopoly Live is a spin wheel featuring dozens of rewards – and if you strike lucky you’ll get the chance to roll the dice on the board itself!

Deal or No Deal – Bet365 Casino

Get ready to beat the Banker and walk away with a fortune when you play Deal or No Deal today! This game originates from the classic TV game show where players open boxes to reveal cash amounts. Pick up the phone to the Banker, accept their offers or choose to go all the way in this fast-paced, electrifying game. And remember to keep an eye out for that flashing red telephone!

Crazy Time – Touch Mobile Casino

Get ready for the time of your life when you join in the fun by playing Crazy Time every night. You’ll never want to hit the nightclub again after experiencing the thrills of this pulsating and socially friendly game. Make friends in the live chat and speak to the dealer as you bet on the Crazy Time spin wheel and potentially win mega payouts. With a range of bet sizes, special wagers and bonus rounds, it’s no wonder Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games in the world.

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