Pay by phone bill casinos

It’s no wonder then that the mobile site is ruling the casino market nowadays but in order to play on our favourite games wherever and whenever we please, we need to have a payment method that is safe, secure and simple to use. Check this page to find the best online casinos UK that offer mobile play.

Gone are the days where we were asked to suffer a flaky Internet connection, those days when games crashed halfway through and the screens were so small that they were almost impossible to view.  Let’s face it what was on offer games-wise was not up to much either, playability was not at the forefront of the mobile network operator. In the past, the whole experience of using a phone casino was, quite frankly, awful.

Thankfully, Top Mobile Casino provides a superb choice of online casino sites that offer secure payment methods, something that is vitally important when dealing with real money over the Internet.  Bringing such sites together takes a lot of the hard work out of finding one that appeals to you, one that you would want to return to time and time again. Whatever your favourite casino game is, we aim to provide you with your preference in HD, and superior video and audio clips to help make your time online both enjoyable and thoroughly entertaining.

Pay By Phone Bill

Payment Options

Many people who have enjoyed playing at a mobile casino previously recognise the payment options each site offers. Many have used the credit card and debit card, the E-wallet, and the pre-paid cards that can be bought from over 35,000 stores over Europe, PayPal or direct money transfers from their bank account into their personal casino accounts.

Mobile Casinos Pay by Phone Bill UK

This method of funding a personal account in order to play at a phone casino is becoming the most popular option for many. Using a mobile casino deposit by phone bill is easy to set up, and when you pay by mobile casino, there is no need for Visa, MasterCard or PayPal etc. Here are some of the pro’s and cons:

Pros Cons
✅ Safe & Confidential – Paying through your phone is extremely safe as it is all dealt with through your phone company. It is also lightning speed when you’re in a rush. ⛔️ Withdrawal Restriction – There is a restriction when it comes to making withdrawals with this method. This means you will have to have a backup method in case pay by mobile isn’t available.
✅ An alternative to debit/credit cards – Not everyone likes using their debit or credit card for casino type purchases. Paying by mobile is a great way to avoid that.
✅ All you need is your phone – With just your phone, you have the opportunity the play games AND pay whenever you please. That means you can play whenever, wherever you want.

How to pay by phone bill at a casino

We can talk about paying by phone bill all day, but it doesn’t really matter unless we show you how to do it. Here is the basic process for UK players:

  • Visit your favourite site, and make your way to the deposit screen.
  • Select your preferred payment method. When paying by phone, this could be Pay by Mobile, Boku or Payforit.
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit into your casino account.
  • You will then receive an SMS that authenticates your account ensures your security. You may either need to reply ‘Y’ or you will receive a unique code you need to enter on-site.
  • After your account is authenticated, you may receive another text confirming your account and the amount you will be depositing as a receipt.
  • That amount you deposited will appear in your casino account straight away, and will be charged to your next phone bill.

It’s really that easy. If you find yourself having issues, or your payments aren’t going through, contact the customer service number that is attached to the SMS messages you are receiving.

One of the most popular options when it comes to paying through your phone is Boku. Before you decide to deposit any money through Boku there may be a few questions about how it works and below we are going to answer many of the most frequently asked.

What is Boku?

  • Boku enables you to make a deposit using your phone bill, just as if you were making a call. The amount that you have used will then be taken out of your credit if you Pay as You Go or charge to your monthly bill if you are a contract player. In this way, the mobile billing casino makes things simple for you to fund your account.
  • Payment option Boku is the payment system that allows for this type of payment to take place. Boku processes the payment, it charges your particular network provider the amount you want to deposit and then it passes the information onto the merchant.
  • Deposit option Boku uses sophisticated Direct carrier billing technology which is an evolution of premium SMS (PSMS). The older system was mainly used to sell ringtones or accept charity donations or votes via text messages. As technology advanced people began to sell games, music and in-app purchases besides all types of digital content. PSMS was a very convenient payment method but lacked the ability to set flexible price points, and it was unreliable and poorly encrypted.

Who can use Boku?

  • Everyone! You can pay with Boku on your tablet, computer, mobile phone or any other device that is connected to the Internet, and this includes your Smart TV and your games console. These devices can be connected by mobile data connection or Wi-Fi.
  • If you were going to use a mobile casino deposit by phone bill, you could initiate a payment on your iPhone and then pay using another device. Boku is even available on a Nokia 3310 simply because it is your phone credit that is being charged. This means that any device with a phone number and credit can be used to deposit.

How to Use Boku

  • The payment process is very simple. In all, it takes less than ten seconds to complete with the company priding itself in offering a 1-Tap Payment process. All you need to do is select pay by mobile as you deposit, confirm your choice and then that’s it!

Which Networks Accept Boku?

You can use Boku by using any UK mobile number. The company has partnered will all of the big UK network operators, besides in excess of 250 other operators from more than 65 countries, It is estimated that Boku has more than 8 million customers.

Some secondary or budget mobile network providers may not work with Boku.  Tesco mobile can have some issues with Boku but for the most part, there should be no issues as long as you are using a United Kingdom network provider.

Can I use my Landline?

Yes! A little known fact is that you can use a phone casino via your BT landline. Using your landline to make a deposit works in exactly the same way you would use your mobile device. BT is just another UK phone network provider like Three, EE or Vodafone. Using your landline is as safe and secure when it comes to playing at a mobile billing casino site, and just as convenient.

Pay By Phone Bill

  • The BT depositing option is also included in the PayForitscheme, which was mentioned earlier. Payforit provides the guidelines that govern all payments made by your mobile phone, it is a money-flow system. You pay your money to BT who in turn passes it onto the desired mobile casino of your choice.
  • BT will then track your payment and also monitor the mobile casinos that you play at. This monitoring by BT makes sure that they follow the contractual laws, which are set out by PayForit.  All of the mobile casinos must provide customer service to their users.
  • You will need to enter your BT phone number to protect your credit card numbers and any private or sensitive billing information. All traces of the payment you made will simply lead to your landline number.

What You Need

  • You need to be a customer of BT
  • You are required to have a landline
  • You need to be over the age of 18

You do not have to contact BT to activate anything, but if you are not the bill-payer please remember to ask the permission of the bill player.

*If you do happen to see any extra charges you were not expecting you should raise the issues with BT straight away.

Step by Step

  • Select ‘Deposit by BT Bill’ at the depositing screen
  • Now you need to enter your BT phone number
  • The mobile casino will provide a special number and you need to call it
  • An automated message with guide you through the rest of the process over the phone
  • Then you will be asked to enter your mobile number, then the computer will verify the transaction
  • You then need to stay on the phone until the money is transferred
  • You will hear the confirmation of the amount that has been credited to your preferred casino account
  • Now you are ready to play

Most mobile casinos have very similar rules, you will make a deposit when asked, enter your number and then you will be told the rest of the stages to complete. Follow the onscreen instructions and you won’t go far wrong.

*Please be aware that there could be a delay when the casino is updating your deposit amount when you use this method.  It does vary but it can take up to ten minutes for the new amount to show up.

BT will show the number of your charges at the end of the month.  The charge will appear as if you have made a phone call and all you need to do is pay your phone bill in your usual way.


How do I deposit with a phone bill?

Depositing with a mobile phone bill really is incredibly easy. You’ll simply have to select the relevant option from the banking section of your mobile casino and then follow the instructions. You should remember that the money will be added to your bill at the end of the month though, so make sure you’ve got the money in your bank account to cover this extra cost!

Is paying by phone bill safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to pay with your mobile phone bill. This is because pay by mobile services are supported by the UK’s biggest network providers, and they wouldn’t risk their reputations by backing a dishonest or unsafe scheme. Make sure you play at one of the sites we recommend though, just to make sure you’re always 100% secure.

Is it free to pay by phone bill?

It is nearly always the case that there are no charges incurred when depositing at a mobile casino using your mobile phone bill. You should check to ensure a specific casino doesn’t charge for using this depositing option though. The fact that no fees are usually charged makes this one of the most affordable depositing options around.

Do all networks offer the chance to deposit with a phone bill?

Yes, all the major UK networks allow casino players to deposit using their mobile phone bill. This means that those using Vodafone, EE, O2, Three and Tesco, to name but a few, can use this option. You should contact your specific network to find out the specific terms and conditions that apply to you though.

Can I still get casino bonuses?

Yes, you certainly can, as all online casinos allow players depositing with their mobile to get bonuses. This includes the welcome bonus at a site, which is often the largest and most important bonus offered by a mobile casino. Some mobile casinos even offer special bonuses to those depositing using their mobile phone.

What’s the least I can deposit?

This really depends on the specific mobile casino you are using, as they all have their own minimum depositing amounts. Some mobile casinos will allow players to deposit as little as £1 though, which is an amount nearly everyone should be able to afford. Of course, bigger deposits will lead to bigger bonuses though.

Is there a maximum deposit amount?

It is generally the case that mobile phone billing only offers players the chance to deposit quite small amounts. This means that the maximum depositing amount is generally around £10, although this figure can differ at some mobile casinos. Those looking to deposit larger amounts should select a different depositing option, such as credit/debit card, Neteller or PayPal.

What’s the best site when paying with a phone bill?

This really depends on your own personal preferences! Some sites are great for those looking for loads of games, while others are better for those seeking the biggest bonuses. The best thing to do is read through the many reviews on this site, and then decide which of our recommended casinos is best for you.

Can I withdraw using a phone bill?

It is sometimes the case that money can be withdrawn back to your mobile phone bill, however, this is certainly the exception, rather than the rule. This means that those looking to withdraw funds from their pay by phone bill casino account will need to nominate a different withdrawal option, with the most common being credit/debit card, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal.

Can I set limits on the amount I gamble?

Yes, you certainly can. If you think that you are using your pay by mobile casino option to deposit too often at an online casino, most sites offer the chance to set a limit on your total deposits over a set period. If you feel that you don’t want to gamble at all, most sites also offer a self-exclusion option, which prevents you from playing at a site for a predetermined time limit.

Are all games available to those depositing with a phone bill?

Yes, they are. Regardless of the way you deposit at a mobile casino, you’ll still be able to play the full range of games on offer. This means that when you pay by mobile, slots, table games and video poker are all available on your mobile device. What’s more, you’ll also be able to play progressive jackpot games, which often have jackpots worth millions of pounds.