Something that is helping to fuel the growth of mobile casino gaming in a big way is the convenience of being able to pay for a mobile slot, progressive jackpot, and table games directly from your mobile device. The ability to make a simple and secure real money deposit with nothing more than your phone has allowed more new players into the mobile casino market than ever before.

By simply using your mobile network as a secure payment method, you can instantly bypass the more traditional requirements of needing either a debit card or even a bank account when making deposits with pay by phone casino UK sites. Spearheading the payment by phone trend in the UK, PayForIt is at the forefront of the UK mobile casino revolution, with PayForIt casino sites popping up all over the web.

One of the biggest advantages to using something like PayForIt to fund your mobile casino gaming is that it is just as secure as if you were using your standard credit card or an instantly recognisable online eWallet account such as PayPal.

Our easy guide to using PayForIt will show you:

  • What PayForIt actually is and how it works
  • Who can use PayForIt
  • The advantages and disadvantages of using PayForIt
  • How you can quickly find top mobile casinos that allow PayForIt payments
What is PayForIt and How Does it Work?

Unlike actual pay by phone bill options such as Boku, PayForIt isn’t actually a specific mobile phone payment brand. It is much easier to think of PayForIt as a collection of UK mobile network operators that are all part of the same mobile phone payment system. In other words, major mobile networks including O2, Vodafone, Three, and others, all use the same pay by phone system and the PayForIt logo indicates that the system is universally accepted.

The more official description of what PayForIt can be found on their website, where they describe the system and procedures as ‘Direct Carrier Billing’. All UK mobile network operators support the payment system and adhere to the guidelines that have been established to govern how funds are transferred through the system. There are essentially three parts to this system, you as the customer or user, the mobile network operator as the ‘middle man’, and the destination, which in this case would be your PayForIt mobile casino.

Think of PayForIt as the general agreement between all parties involved in the process of getting your money from you to your destination. However, PayForIt does not actually deal with the money directly and there are no physical real money payments made by PayForIt. In other words, PayForIt is not the same as a payment company like Boku for example. They are closer to a facilitator for how the money gets from point A to point B across a participating mobile network. So, when you see PayForIt casinos displaying the logo, it means that they are also part of this system and are adhering to these strict guidelines.

Who Can Use PayForIt?

As PayForIt isn’t an actual brand, anyone can use the PayForIt system to fund their live dealer games, slots, mobile bingo, or any other sort of game found at participating PayForIt casino sites. PayForIt is the facilitator, enabling the quick and easy, secure once-off payments for various online products including apps and in-app purchases, standalone games, regular deposits at any PayForIt casino, and much more.

Some top online casinos will also release certain types of games as apps, a common feature found in social media casino game simulations, iPhone casino games and so on. Using PayForIt for these once-off purchases is an ideal option and, conversely, setting up a recurring payment option using PayForIt is ideal for small, incremental casino deposits since the maximum deposit limit is set at £30 per day. In addition, many mobile casino PayForIt sites add incentives such as casino bonus offers, free spin offers and more for regular deposits with them.

How to Use PayForIt in 6 Easy Steps

The PayForIt mobile pay by phone system is very easy to use and one of its best features is a very shallow learning curve. This makes it ideal for absolute newbies, not only to the world of mobile casino gaming, but also to various mobile payment options such as PayForIt, and by extension – Boku and others.

The system is also easy for veteran online casino players to adjust to who may be used to more traditional payment options such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers and so on. However, if you have never used the PayForIt system before, here’s a quick step by step guide to illustrate just how simple and straightforward the system is to use.

  1. On your mobile casino payment page, select ‘Pay by Mobile’ (you can also elect to pay by SMS)
  2. You should then be greeted by your PayForIt payment facility page
  3. Fill in the amount to be paid or confirm that the amount reflecting is correct
  4. Click on the confirmation button to complete the payment process
  5. Wait for the six-digit confirmation code that will be sent to your mobile device
  6. Type the six-digit code into the code confirmation box on your PayForIt screen

Once your payment process has been completed, you will receive another SMS that confirms that your payment has been successful. In the event that your payment process fails for some reason, you will receive a different SMS confirming the failure. In this case, simply repeat the process outlined in the above steps.

PayForIt Pros and Cons

While PayForIt may not be, in and of itself, an online payment brand, we can still examine its relevant pros and cons. PayForIt casino UK forums generally praise the mobile pay by phone system, with many experienced users believing that the pros far outweigh the cons. One of the biggest benefits of using PayForIt is its inherent safety as a secure mobile payment option.

There are two main and distinctive features that contribute to the overall safety of the PayForIt system. On the one hand, you do not need to have a bank account in order to use the PayForIt system. All you need is a mobile device that is registered on one of the many mobile networks that form part of the PayForIt system. In other words, if you are on a contract or pay as you go deal, you can use the PayForIt system.

The second factor that contributes significantly to the overall safety of the PayForIt system is the number of steps and confirmations that are required for every mobile transaction. While it may seem involved and tedious on the surface, confirmations are processed very quickly, making the entire process, including security procedures, take only a few minutes to complete.

There are even more factors that contribute to the reliability and trustworthiness of the PayForIt system. The entire system falls under strict guidelines and codes of conduct which are governed by laws and enforced by a number of serious regulators and legislators. Among these are top UK regulatory bodies including Ofcom and PhonePayPlus.

Since you are essentially making your deposits only through your phone, and by extension, your phone credit, there is no need to divulge any sensitive data such as your credit card details or your banking information. In fact, you don’t even need to have an actual bank account to use the PayForIt mobile phone payment system. Any funds that you use to pay for your online casino gaming is taken directly off your existing prepaid credit or billed to your phone contract at the end of the month.

This not only enhances your online security even further but it also virtually guarantees your privacy whilst online through your mobile device. The PayForIt system is also inherently easy to use and, if you have a mobile device, you will be able to use PayForIt with very little in the way of training or practice.

The entire payment system literally takes a few clicks to complete, giving you a total engagement time of fewer than ten seconds. PayForIt is also incredibly universal and will work on any operating system and any mobile device, tablet, notebook, laptop or any device that uses a data network to communicate with the internet.

Now, of course, there will be one or two disadvantages to the PayForIt system, this is how it is with any kind of service or system. Fortunately, however the disadvantages or cons to the PayForIt system are quite low and we’ll take a look at those now.

One of the main drawbacks that many users cite is the rather limited amount that can be deposited at any one time. Generally speaking, the deposit limit set by PayForIt is just £30 per transaction. However, there are players that also see this as an advantage, since a much lower deposit limit means that they are better able to control how they spend their bankroll.

Then again, if you are the type of gambler that likes to go big or go home, this rather small limit may just be a bridge too far. The good news here is that you are able to contact your network to get them to raise the basic limit for you, provided of course you have a good credit history with them.

However, possibly the single biggest disadvantage to PayForIt and similar mobile pay by phone bill systems is that it can only be used as a deposit method. You will not be able to use it to withdraw any of your winnings from your mobile casino account. You will have to use another method to do this, so in a sense, you will be back to a more traditional option in this case. However, this can be anything from an eWallet such as PayPal or Neteller to a bank transfer, debit card, credit card and so forth.

How You Can Find Top PayForIt Casinos in the UK

Whether you’re looking for PayForIt slots or possibly a solid deposit bonus, finding the right mobile casino that accepts PayForIt as a secure deposit option is essential. Of course, you could always go it alone, after all, there are hundreds of mobile casinos in the UK that accept PayForIt. However, finding the right one quickly that best suits your particular needs, has the best bonus offers, and all the mobile games that you like, can be quite tricky.

Alternatively, you can take it easy and use your time more wisely by simply reading through our extensive lists of recommended mobile casinos that offer PayForIt payment facilities. This is by far the most effective option as we have already filtered out the bad mobile casinos from the goo. Our experts have tested all key features to ensure that you only get to choose from the very best mobile casinos available in the UK today.

PayForIt FAQ

Is PayForIt safe to use?

PayForIt is extremely safe to use on any mobile device since the system is endorsed by all UK mobile network operators and closely monitored by several high-level regulatory bodies.

Can I use PayForIt for withdrawals?

No. PayForIt is a mobile pay by phone bill system which means that you can only use it for making quick and easy deposits. If you wish to make a withdrawal from your mobile casino account, you will need to use a separate eWallet, debit card or other suitable withdrawal option.

What are the deposit limits with PayForIt?

Currently, PayForIt is set at a maximum daily deposit limit of £30. However, it is possible to contact your mobile network operator if you require a higher daily limit.

Does the PayForIt system require a bank account?

No. The beauty of the PayForIt system is that you do not need an existing bank account, or credit or debit card. The system uses your existing mobile phone funds to pay for your purchases or deposits.

What operating system do I need to be on to use PayForIt?

PayForIt will work on any mobile device using any operating system. This is because PayForIt actually uses your mobile phone network and not your actual operating system.