3 Types of Blackjack Player – With Our Personalised Recommendations

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Types of blackjack player

When learning to play blackjack, many players are unaware that you can develop habits while improving your knowledge of the game. We all have habits or ticks that we struggle to break when learning games – it’s all part of the progression of players from novices to highly skilled professionals.

You will eventually find a style that fits your personality and betting style. It can lead to big wins in poker, smart strategies in craps, and good luck on the slots.

Forming a style is especially important in blackjack, where players must learn the correct calls and understand when to concede defeat. It can take thousands of blackjack deals to perfect your strategy – and we’re here to help you along the way.

There are dozens of different types of blackjack players, but only three are important to understand right now.

3 Types Of Blackjack Player

So, do you recognise any of the below blackjack players in yourself? Perhaps you can see similarities in the characteristics, or maybe you can learn to pick up these differing styles when you next play in casino!

The casual player (aka the newbie)

As a casual player you will have learned general blackjack strategy from videos on how to win at blackjack. You’ll know the rules fairly well and stick to the base-level bets available on all online blackjack games.

Casual players generally have less experience and want to enjoy the game, and win more than they lose. However, they won’t have a specific strategy in place.

Instead, casual players play by instinct. If a hand looks good they’ll stay, but if they need that extra card then they’ll hit. Casual players don’t try card counting or anything like that – they stick to their own game and enjoy the ride.

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The advantage player

There are players who just want to play blackjack, and there are players who want to play high RTP blackjack. These are the advantage players. They’re the ones who look for an online casino blackjack game that features very low house edges.

Games like these do exist. Look for games with smaller decks, less penetration and fast dealers. Advantage players can swiftly get into a rhythm and keep in mind what’s already been played from the deck when they’re making bet choices.

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The psychic

This blackjack style is not for the faint-hearted. The psychic does away with any tactics and cheat guides they may have read in the past and plays on intuition alone. It’s a difficult style to master and profit from but it’s the sort of tactic that can earn you big wins if you strike lucky.

The psychic is someone who has likely played for a while but relies heavily on intuition and assumptions. For example, they expect the dealer to have a 10 card in the hole every few hands – and because of that will take those superstitions into the game.

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