What Is The Best Game To Play On Your Smartphone?

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When it comes to choosing the best game, there really is an overwhelming amount of choice. From bingo through to mega jackpot slots, live poker and lightning roulette, you won’t be disappointed with the offerings in most of our listed online casinos.

But it’s fair to say that some games are better to play on mobile than others.

Here at TMC we’re always on the lookout for the latest innovations in tech. New developments lead to better games, slicker graphics, fewer glitches and bigger jackpots.

But some games are simply better suited vs desktop than others. So, we’ve taken a look at type of games you can play in a site, and looks at compatibility, dexterity and visuals to assess which ones rank top, and which flop.

So let’s take a look at the type of  game you can play at a mobile casino right now

Things To Consider

Here are some things worth considering when you’re choosing which type of game to play:

  • Compatibility – Some games are designed for desktop and laptop screens, and developers forget that we love to play casino games too! You will sometimes see it with live games, where developers have forgotten about compatibility, and the details of the game are too small.
  • Dexterity – A successful game needs to be touch-screen operational. If things are too small on screen, or require clicks that can only be done with a mouse, then these games won’t cut it!
  • Visuals – We carry around immensely powerful visual screens in our smartphones, but some game developers have forgotten to get with the times. Pixelated, slow games are out. It’s time for sleek, ultra-high quality games to make their entry.
online casino gaming on smartphone

Blackjack is one of the top casino games to have successfully transitioned onto the phone

Best Phone Casino Games

Remember, if you’ve signed up to casino but feel it’s not giving you what you want, then take a look at what else is available! Not only do we at TMC assess the best types of game, but we also rate and review casino apps from across the country.

And with that in mind, let’s have a look at those ideal games…


Slots are the bread and butter of a app or mobile platform. Without a good slots suite, you won’t get players joining your casino. Thankfully most of the top UK casinos have vast slots suites – and the lucky thing for players is that slots are generally now developed with a smartphone-first approach.

So, while five years ago you might get slot machines that glitch and fail on phone, these days they’re specialised for the smaller screen. A perfect example of this is the Rainbow Riches series, which remains hugely popular since its increased focus on mobile.

Rating: 5/5
Game choice: Rainbow Wilds


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world – but some developers just haven’t quite got it right yet. Blackjack is a very click-heavy game at times and occasionally the experience can feel clunky. What’s more, developers can struggle to make it visually any more appealing than what it is – cards on a table.

Saying that, the development of blackjack within apps has come on greatly in the last few years. Fewer glitches and an improved response time across the board suggests developers like Ezugi, Evolution and NetEnt are getting there.

Rating: 4/5
Game choice: Premier Blackjack


There are three types of poker. The first is video poker, which is popular in America but not found so much here in the UK. The second is standard poker, where you play against a game that uses random number generators to guarantee fairness. And finally there’s live poker, a hugely popular version that has produced some of the world’s best poker players.

Unfortunately, getting  poker right isn’t straightforward. Glitches is the biggest issue, with connectivity losses affecting even the pros at times. Thankfully some casinos offer various versions of poker and fast, well-connected sites that can handle the data required to run a table or tournament.

It’s always worth downloading the poker app of an casino sites if they have one. And for this reason, check out 888.

Rating: 4/5
Game choice: Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker @ 888


The bright spark who first realised you don’t have to consign the roulette table to a highstreet casino must have made a fortune in licensing fees. These days roulette is the centrepiece of any virtual casino – and every year the software gets better and better.

Players are usually left with a choice with regards to roulette. Play the video version or flip to live roulette. And because the graphics can get fairly mundane on video, it’s no wonder live usually wins out. Most site feature at least three live roulette casinos – and they’ve mastered the art so much you can now play games like Lightning Roulette!

Rating: 5/5
Game choice: American Roulette Live @ Casino Lab

Monopoly Live

We have a confession to make: Monopoly Live is by far one of the most entertaining games on the internet. Following Mr Monopoly round the board, picking up prizes and properties as we go, is great fun. But it hasn’t always been this way. Monopoly Live was a difficult game to play online when it originally launched years ago. The game required so much processing power many laptop computers couldn’t handle it.

But developers Evolution have successfully contained all that data, and smoothed the creases that now makes Monopoly Live one of the best mobile games. It’s been years in the making but the results are well worth it.

Rating: 4.5/5
Game choice: Monopoly Live @ Karamba


Another game that is developing a loyal following is Slingo – the mix of slots and bingo that gives players hours more fun with fewer wagering moments, which means you can make a small budget last longer.

Slingo has been around since the 1990s but only got big during the mid-2010s when app-based games grew in popularity. These days millions of players spin on Slingo games each day – and enjoy the mixture of skill and randomness required to conquer the game. Well-built graphics, easy-to-understand gameplay, and remarkably detailed bonus rounds on most games make Slingo an instant casino classic.

Rating: 5/5
Game choice: Slingo Starburst @ Jackpot Village


The older sister of Slingo, the game of bingo has been around for decades, if not centuries. And it still has a huge following both in bingo halls and online. Bingo has been revolutionised for the 21st century, with bingo now available with most casinos.

It still retains the same old charms: you have to buy bingo tickets, you can win cash or other great prizes, it’s possibly to chat with fellow players. But there remains a limit to the amount of entrainment with bingo that some developers still haven’t cracked yet. Games can be a little stodgy, and graphics dated. Still, it’s a good game for players who want a steady, sociable way to enjoy !  

Rating: 3/5
Game choice: Country Roads Bingo @ Play Jango

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