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Imagine a world where topping up your casino balance is as easy as answering a text. Well there’s no need to imagine it – Boku as a payment method at UK mobile casinos – makes it a reality.

This mobile payment method is built for gambling on-the-go. That might not be its sole purpose, but it has quickly become a favourite with both newcomers and seasoned online casino players.

Boku mobile payments are unique in that it allows users to charge payments to their mobile phone bill. If you’re lokking for something that’s swift, secure, and convenient; this is an ideal solution. To learn more about Boku and how it’s reshaping the way we play – and pay – at mobile casinos, this page covers all the ins-and-outs that you need to know.

Why Boku’s Latest Innovation is a Game-Changer for Online Gaming

Boku has helped revolutionise the digital payments world. It introduced an innovative, mobile-focused payment method, allowing consumers to make purchases or deposits without the need for a banking account or e-wallet. Instead, these transactions are billed to their mobile phone accounts.

Founded in 2009, Boku has gained a lot of traction in recent years – and not just with online casinos. Many online retailers and digital services also accept Boku as a payment method. Its simplicity and integration with mobile billing make it a standout choice, especially for gamers seeking quick, easy transactions.

Discover the convenience of using Boku

Jack is enthusiastic about playing his favourite slot games. Although eager to spin the reels, he encounters an issue: his bank card isn’t within reach. That’s when he turns to Boku.

At his casino of choice’s payment page, he selects Boku, enters his mobile number, and quickly confirms the payment through a text message. The deposit amount is then charged to his monthly phone bill. This hassle-free process allows Jack to combine nautical symbols (he’s a fiend for Fishin’ Frenzy) without any delay.

The Future of Transactions: Exploring Boku’s SMS Payment Method

Boku stands out for its ability to charge online transactions directly to your mobile phone bill or deduct it from your prepaid balance. That means this unique feature negates the need for a bank account or credit card, whether you’re on a phone contract or pay-as-you-go deal.

In the UK, Boku boasts extensive network compatibility. Along with smaller networks, this includes the following major providers:

  • EE
  • O2
  • Three
  • Vodafone

Security is a key aspect of Boku’s approach. There’s no need to share sensitive bank details online. All transactions completed with Boku at online casinos are done through your mobile number and authenticated via SMS, which reduces the risk of financial fraud and throws in an additional layer of security.

Combining convenience, broad network compatibility, and robust security protocols, Boku is preferred for secure, straightforward online payments.

The Ins and Out when playing on your phone



To get a better idea about why to sign up with a pay-by-phone casino Boku option, here are the main benefits gained from using this payment option:

1. Ease of use:

Boku simplifies the deposit process with just a few taps on your mobile device. Forget about needing your bank card on-hand or remembering additional passwords.

2. Increased security

No financial details are shared between you and the casino. All that’s needed is your mobile number. This adds an extra layer of security, minimising the risk of being affected by fraud and data breaches.

3. Accessibility

Don’t want to use a bank account or credit card? No problem. All you need is a mobile phone, which makes it a more accessible deposit choice than other picks.

4. Wide acceptance

There are many Boku casinos in the UK these days. That ensures you don’t have to compromise when selecting the ideal platform for your needs.

5. Fast transactions

Deposits with Boku are almost instantaneous. Add in its user-friendly nature, and processing payments is a breeze – and you can get playing without delay.


1. Withdrawals unavailable

Want to get your hands on your casino winnings? You’ll have to use an alternative payment method – Boku only supports deposits, not withdrawals.

2. Applicable mobile network required

Boku payments are not supported by every mobile network in the UK. You’re out of luck if you’re with a network that’s not on the list.

3. Limited deposit amounts

High-rollers, it’s time to look elsewhere. That’s because the daily deposit limit with Boku is usually around £30.

How to Use Boku Payment Method

Baku is built with convenience in mind. As a result, online casino transactions with this payment are a straightforward process. The following step-by-step guide demonstrates this:

  1. Choose a casino

First, select a mobile casino which accepts Boku payments. You can find the most suitable options by reading our list of the Top Boku Casinos.

  1. Select Boku as the payment method

Navigate to the casino’s payment section. Browse the options and select ‘Boku’ or ‘Pay by mobile’ as your preferred method.

  1. Enter deposit and mobile number

Select your deposit amount. Keep in mind Boku sticks with a relatively low maximum limit per transaction. Your mobile phone number is needed for the transaction to proceed.

  1. Confirm the payment

You’ll receive an SMS on your phone. Reply to the message with a ‘Y’ to confirm the transaction.

  1. Check your casino account

The deposit should instantly be credited to your account. The amount will then either be added to your monthly phone bill (contract) or deducted from your phone credit (pay-as-you-go).

  1. Start playing

With the deposit complete, you’re ready to start wagering real money on your favourite casino games.

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