You might have heard a lot of fuss associated with the term Progressive Jackpot. You might have some friends who would have claimed to win millions by availing these in a very short span of time. But what exactly is a Progressive Jackpot? And what should one do to win one of those? If you look into history, these Jackpots became popular in the ’80s. These are the jackpots associated with specific slot games released by the big gaming giants such as Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT etc. So when you play such a slot game and place the maximum bet amount to try your hand at these Jackpots, and end up winning it, you do not win a fixed amount but you keep on winning every time a user plays any of the games associated with that particular jackpot wins. When selecting the best casino site UK to join, be sure to check out the variety of progressive jackpot games on offer.