Google Play to give US casino users the same benefits as UK mobile players

by Karina Chen Last Updated
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Mobile casino gamers in the United States are all set to gain the same level of choice, protection and cybersecurity currently enjoyed by UK players thanks to Google Play’s decision to permit gambling apps on their US platform.

For years smartphone gamers in the US have been unable to access the same benefits enjoyed by their British counterparts due to mobile betting regulations in America.

However, a policy change now means the Google Play store will begin featuring mobile casino apps to its US customers – a move that is expected to greatly boost the safety and security afforded to players.

Before this year the Google Play store offered casino apps to just four countries in the world: the UK, Ireland, Brazil and France. Residents in these nations could use the trusted app store to download certified casino apps. However, as of March 2021 American players will also be able to download legal mobile casinos to their handheld devices.

Joining the mobile casino revolution

Mobile casino operators have worked hard to push through legislation in the US that would open the country up to smartphone and online betting. While America is considered one of the founding fathers of casino gambling – with Las Vegas and Atlantic City attracting millions of gamblers a year – the country has been slow on the uptake of mobile betting.

Legislation is moving on a state-by-state basis and Google Play isn’t the only app provider to have green-lit gambling applications on their platform. 

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic British gamers have enjoyed the thrill of app-based casinos and sports betting for the best part of a decade. It didn’t take long after the invention of the iPhone and other internet-connected smartphones for betting apps to pass regulatory bodies and launch in the country.

These days there are scores of top UK casino apps available to download in places such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store – and finally, Americans can access them too.

UK casino benefits coming to the US

Many UK-based casino players will vouch for the huge benefits available when betting via a mobile app – and Americans are about to enjoy a similar improvement in their gaming experience.

Mobile casino benefits

  • Fewer glitches
  • Wider choice
  • Bet with confidence
  • Ratings visible
  • High security
  • Payment protections
  • Legal certification required

For one, betting on apps downloaded via Google Play increases the safety and legitimacy of your chosen casino. America, like the UK did before them, is drawing up tight mobile betting laws to safeguard players from dodgy platforms. Providers will have to prove they can offer the highest levels of data and payment protection to customers before being approved.

These laws are on a state-by-state basis. That means some states, such as New Jersey, Nevada and West Virginia, have already opened their doors to online gambling, while others are still to pass their legislation. The good thing for bettors is that, while this takes time, it also ensures the safest legislation available is introduced into law.

Sourcing your next mobile betting app via a reputable provider has never been easier than through a smartphone app store. You can bet with confidence and read through user ratings, which are one of the best ways to quickly determine if a casino is worth joining. If the community loves it then you’re bound to love it too!

Legal certifications will also be prominent on top US casino apps available in the Google Play store, just like they are in the UK. And this is perhaps the most important thing for any player: the ability to escalate issues to legal professionals if something does go wrong.

So when will we see all 50 states join the UK in providing safer gambling apps for players? It may be a few years yet, with the likes of Utah, Idaho and Wisconsin seemingly uninterested in approving legislation. But nevertheless, the safeguards currently enjoyed on this side of the Atlantic are certainly coming to America.

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